1920’s Styling Ideas

Planning to Attend Miss Voo Voo’s Party?  Oh What to Wear?  Let us Help you!


Dress to Impress:  While it is true that one is never be fully dressed without a smile, it doesn’t hurt to step out looking quite the dapper flapper rather than dreary and weary! Sequins, pearls and feathers (oh my!) – follow our handy tips and you’ll be stepping out with your baby in the highest of fashions.

In the Golden Era of hot jazz and high stakes debauchery, glitz and glam were well and truly in style for those who could afford it.

Fine Dressing for the Fillys: 

Ladies, cinched waists and corsets are too stuffy! Grandmama still wore hers but those in the know would do away with the Devil’s Garment and frock up in loose, silky gowns with dropped waists and open backs. Adorn yourself with beads, furs and a stunning cloche hat – but remember a lady never forgets her gloves! The life of the party was of course the truly eccentric aristocrat. This globe trotting avant-garde can be seen draped in sensuous silken shawls in a myriad of prints and colours, dripping in talismans and tokens from far away lands and is never without her plumage of exotic feathers.


With your hair in perfectly lacquered finger waves pulled into a chignon, pair a bold eye with an even bolder lip in deep plums and crimson reds. The ingenue socialite shapes her brows pencil thin and maintains her youthful flush with a dabble of rouge to the very apples of her cheeks.

Hair Style Ideas for your big night:   The Essential Tools for a “Snappy Do: suitable for Miss Voo Voo’s Swellagant Affair:


Hair Product Basics

  1. The Lindy Charm School For Girls Essential Setting Lotion
  2. Pin Curl Clips
  3. Rat Tail Comb
  4. Hairspray
  5. Fly Away Cream
  6. The LCS Gibson Roll or Hollywood – Perfect for that 20’s look without cutting your hair.


A Simple Method:
1.  Spray Hair With Setting Lotion
2.  Roll into small pin curls or mini rolls and clip with a pin curl clip.  Spray with hairspray and cover til dry (Say an hour) – Or you could use small hot rollers for quicker set still spray and wrapping as per previous.
3.  Brush out then loosely shape and pin as per some of the pics above.  Use your headwear accessories as part of the hair do.

Putting On Your Perfect Face:


“Fueled by the suffrage movement and the advent of the modern woman, the 1920’s marked a resurgence in the use of makeup by women.  With a newly designed twist up tube of lipstick, it was considered chic to apply makeup in public…..”

Makeup Basics

  1. The LCS Essential Blotting powder (Pime, Set, De-Sweat)
  2. The LCS Essential Flawless Foundation
  3. The LCS Essential Rouge
  4. Eye shadows (Plums, Grey’s, Blues)
  5. The LCS Essential Eyeliner
  6. The LCS Essential Brow Pencil
  7. Mascaro
  8. The LCS Essential Lip liner
  9. The LCS Essential Lipstick!




  • Always brush Blotting powder in the direction of facial hair NEVER against it
  • If your foundation is slightly yellow or a shade darker than you require, mix in some translucent powder or a little talc powder for a lighter effect
  • To brighten tired eyes and make them look bigger smudge a small dot of red lipstick in the inner eye corners
  • Plums, Greys and Blues – Layer from the crease to outer eye and blend blend blend…
  • To avoid emphasizing lines and wrinkles never apply powders to the outer eye area
  • To apply eyeliner in particular liquid eyeliner, rest your elbow on the mirror and begin drawing from the middle of the eyelid out. Resting your elbow provides stability and can help reduce wobbly lines.  Use a kohl pencil to smudge lower liner for the smokey eye/ring eye 1920’s look.
  • Simple is a great eye make up remover used with  a Q tip.
  • All eye makeup can be applied before foundation if you haven’t yet mastered the art and mistakes are frequent
  • Apply Blush to the apples of your cheeks closer to the nose
  • Stand away from the mirror and check from a distance if your eyebrows are defined enough and shape your face
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips for better lipstick application


Fun Fact:  Women wore both angular square styles (e.g. the bob a la Miss Fisher. In the U.S., “the bob” was reintroduced by actress Louise Brooks in the late 1920s.) and they also wore curled styles.  Bobbed haircuts experienced a revival during the First World War for practical reasons. These early Bobs such as the “Castle Bob”, “Dutch Bob”, and “Page Bob” were relatively plain but as time went by women looked for ways to enhance the Bob. Large numbers of women changed from long hair to short hair between 1923 and 1928. In 1925 the curled “Mae Murray” and the “Rose Petal” Bob were the rage as women began to realize the importance of individual styling.


Gentleman is never seen out of his three piece suit – four piece if you count the hat! Those with a keen eye for detail know to accessorise with braces, a bow tie (or silken neck tie) and a cane. A gentleman in a tuxedo never wears a hat, but the man strolling about town in his woollen three piece cannot go wrong with a flat cap, trilby or straw pork pie hat perched atop his head. Smarten up your ensemble with a pocket square or carnation button hole as the dandy gent is never seen socially without an accessorised lapel. Finish the look with oxfords or brogues in contrasting colours.

The gentleman is always meticulously groomed with his hair parted sharply in the centre or to the side, slicked with pomade to hold his natural waves in place. With the invention of a new safety razor by Gilette, the fashionable man maintained a clean shaven cheek and jaw unless a cheeky lothario wished to emulate the noted Hollywood heartthrob Ramon Novarro and his pencil moustache.

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