28 Great Tips on Personality and Charm from the 1940s

28 Great Tips on Personality and Charm from the 1940s


The Charming Miss Betty Grable:  “Glamour Without the light from within is like a flower without perfume.”

1 Take Pride in your appearance and always be well-groomed

2 Believe in yourself and believe in other people.

3 Be considerate.

4 Be sincere.

5 Forget yourself and start thinking of others.

6 Never indulge in idle gossip.

7 Avoid all but constructive worry.

8 Be honest with yourself and with everyone else.

9 Be quick to pay compliments but never flatter.

10 Never cause other people to feel small and inferior.

11 Never indulge in sarcasm.

12 Cultivate enthusiasm.

13 Avoid arguments.

14 If timid and self-effacing, face and master the things you fear.

15 Always look other people straight in the eye.

16 Resolve to succeed in whatever you do. Think in terms of success, not failure.

17 Be relaxed and poised in the presence of others and don’t fidget.

18 Don’t sprawl in your chair with your legs apart. If you must cross your legs, cross them at a point where your calf will not bulge. Don’t wear a skirt that rides up and exposes the upper thigh.

19 Avoid quarrels.

20 Learn to love the people around you and never tire of trying to make them happy.


21 Banish jealousy, envy, hatred, fear and other negative emotions from the mind.

22 Smile – from the heart.

23 Look happy and be happy.

24 Always remember that there is a connection between beauty, health and goodness.

25 Remember that there is beauty in simplicity – of thought, word, deed and personal appearance.

26 Cultivate a reading habit so that you can talk intelligently on current topics.

27 Always speak in a soft pleasing voice.

28 Remember always that love is one of the great secrets of charm.

Best thing to do is to take what you need and ignore the rest. Not all rough edges should be smoothed out, as our personality flaws is what make us unique!

As ever,

Stylishly Yours…

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