Meet The Team – The LCS Stylists and Performers around Australia

Our Valuable and Respected Team of Stylists and Performers – Around Australia (every State and Territory is covered) we offer quality Vintage Styling, Glamour Makeovers, Corporate Grooming, Hens and Birthday Parties and Pop Up Styling and Pamper Salons, plus everything in between…  – One on One to 00’s at a time.  Call or email us for your quote today.

  • Miss Sammy
    Vintage Hair and Makeup Stylist

    Miss SammyGrowing up in Darwin & attending the same school as each other, Miss Sammy and I lost contact and did not see each other for over 20 years until we happened upon each other’s universe again about 3 years ago.  A great friend, a talented stylist, a super Mum & Wife, Miss Sammy is the 6ft Plus Red head with the beaming smile that is always armed with setting lotion and a comb ready make you feel and look a million bucks in under and hour.  Clients Love her and babies gravitate to her and The Lindy Charm School for Girls would be lost without her…

  • Miss Bonnie Rose
    Vintage Stylist  &  Vintage Hair and Makeup Artist + Burlesque Performer/ Instructor

    Miss Bonnie Rose

    This little Vintage Vixen is certainly not a one trick pony… Bonnie was the First Vintage Styled Pin Up Model to make the Centrefold of Penthouse Magazine recently…A super talented Vintage Hair and Makeup Artist, A Vintage Stylist with her own Online Shop selling Vintage Clothing & Accessories, is also a talented Burlesque performer making a name for herself (in a good way) on the Australian Burlesque Scene.   Bonnie Rose has an edge and is sort after for her vision for photo shoots, salon parades, wedding and just about any situation that calls for Vintage Style and Glamour to collide in perfection ..

  • Miss Fiona (Foxtrot India)
    Our Burlesque Instructor/Performer for Hens Parties  & Vintage Styling Makeup Artist

    Miss Fiona

    Miss Fiona is not only a professional Vintage makeup artist but  has been working with The Lindy Charm School for Girls for a few years now sharing her passion and natural abilities in the Art of Posing, Deportment, Posture, Style and Glamour.  You will always find Miss Fiona Beaming and Gleaming, known for her smile, her wit, her passion & her commitment to her craft.  Her effervescent way is infectious.  She is always a favourite at our hens parties and workshops.  No-one can peel a glove or twirl a tassel quite like Fi.  Here is a bit on her performance career.

    Foxtrot India began her Burlesque career in 2007, evolving from 14 years of dance training that included acting and vocal training.
    Foxy made her Burlesque debut while living in the UK, and has also taken her unique style of sass and showmanship across Europe – from Portugal to Estonia; and performed on stages in LA and New York. Foxtrot has a special talent for tassel twirling, and her skill and control is exceptional to watch.  She is also passionate about the history of Burlesque and the Art of Striptease, and is often asked to demonstrate her knowledge at events around Australia and even teach the locals a trick or two! –

  • Miss Kate-Kisses
    Vintage Stylist
    Assistant and Friend of The Lindy Charm School for Girls

    Miss Kate-Kisses

    Her Facebook profile tag says it all, Works @ “Being Happy” and Studied @ “The School of Life”.  This “IS” Kate Kisses…  A Joy to be around, cannot help anyone enough and believes in the possibilities in everyone!  5 mins in this girls company and already you feel amazing.  She is an expert at bringing out that inner Vintage Goddess..  She is honest and will work with your hair and makeup and style to suit you, your personality and your occasion. …  A previous year’s winner of Miss Pin Up Australia and absolutely gorgeous Hula Hooper, She is always eager to learn and never afraid to ask, this gal has no ego tags whatsoever.

  • Miss Kelley
    Our Admin and Research Assistant

    KMc 20sAffectionately known on stand as Irish Kelley or the Tall Redheaded Irish Gal, whatever she is known as, one thing for sure Miss Kelley leaves an impression.

    Knowledgeable, friendly and super organised, Kelley has become a fabulous addition to our team for her constant idea sharing,  appointment taking and information sharing when we are all busy styling up a storm we know that Miss Kelley has it in hand…

  • Miss Tara
    Mistress of Style In Training

    Miss Tara

    Seemingly Shy but make eye contact with her and her smile beams across her porcelain face and she is your friend forever.  Passionate, grateful and eager to learn, Miss Tara is in LOVE with makeup and in particular Vintage Styling, as a bonus she is also  my Daughter in Law and a willing trainee for The Lindy Charm School For Girls…

  • Miss Brooke
    from Brooke Orchard Photography

    Miss Brook

    Brooke is truly a Creator of Beautiful Images!….  AIPP Award Winning Photographer Capturing Beauty, Reality, Love and Life.  So Patient, Down to Earth with a beautiful soul…  I haven’t met anyone that didn’t feel comfortable with her immediately.   Brooke offers you so much direction that it’s hard not to get loads of killer shots everytime.  With the Lindy Charm School Team to Style you and Brooke to Capture you, we believe we have a winning combination that’s hard to beat…





EllashayeVintage Stylist and Burlesque Performer for our Darwin Region.

Ellashaye D’More has an enormous love of all things vintage especially style and fashion.

Ellashaye is the owner of Ellashaye’s secret women’s business Darwins very first burlesque school. Not only that she is a mum to 2 year old Maximus and owns an Auto electrical business.

Ellashaye is changing the lives of women in Darwin one by on by sharing her love of burlesque and all things vintage but also creating confident women of all ages one bump and grind at a time.


Quotes ” The bigger the swing in your hips when you walk across the road the bigger the car accident you will cause.  You don’t want a 3 car pile up you want to cause a 10 car pile up kitten”

“Boobies to Jesus ladies”

Performance description .

Ellashaye erupted onto the Australian Burlesque scene in 2010, bringing together her past rock n roll & Latin dancing and showgirl experience, and was instantly taken under the wing of Lola the Vamp where she developed into a burlesque darling.
She kicked off her Burlesque career by taking out Miss Burlesque QLD in her first handful of performances, competing against more seasoned performers and as a result instantly starting appearing at Revues and Private events across the country including The Ruby Revue  (Sydney, Gold Coast & Melbourne),  Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School – Model & Performer (Sydney  & Brisbane)

The Shimmy Shake Show (Melbourne) Australian Burlesque festival ( Melbourne) Grab My Junk (Melbourne) just to name a few. The audiences can’t help but adore her with her elegant beauty & tantalising tease. Already a breakout star through the UK and Australia from appearing in the SBS documentary “Best Undressed”, an award winning showgirl and glamour model. Ellashaye has graced the covers of Marie Claire magazine, Who magazine, Penthouse, UK Mayfair and Europes Dark beauty magazine as well as other magazines here in Australia and europe.

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Welcome to The Lindy Charm School where we offer a wide range of styling, costuming, workshopping and corporate services. Headed by the ever-vivacious Mistress Chrissy, The Lindy Charm School is a multi-disciplinary creative events and vintage styling business driven by a rich affinity with a time before now.

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