Berry-Licious Brooches


While earrings, necklaces and bangles have endured into modern day dress, it kinda feels like brooches remain a signifier of times gone by. That's one of the reasons we love 'em! A cute little flash of colour or sparkle on your lapel creates a true vintage look.

Rich, juicy, shiny berries are the best and berry fakelite is also one if the best, yes? We properly love the lush purple swirls that run through the deep pink of the bangle. These were inspired by original Bakelite and the colours came from a trip to an arboretum last Autumn. The leaves there were just so mezmerising, they stuck with me for months! Also what about the berry-esque design? It's like we planned it!

Please note, all our items are hand made so while we make them as similar we possibly can, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.


$13.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

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