50% discount when you Bring a Friend.. Now thats Special!

Whats in this Newsletter: Melbourne – 1930’s & 1940’s Looks Workshop – BRING A FRIEND DISCOUNT – Last Workshop for 2018… A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Whats the oldest Perfume you have in your fridge? Vintage Makeover & Photoshoot New Products & Christmas Gift Vouchers.. Quote of the week: Indifference and inattention to dress is […]

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It’s more than Lipstick Powder and Paint

It’s more than Lipstick, Power & Paint – An interview by Scenestar Getting some tips from Queensland’s vintage style guru, Miss Chrissy. Since starting up The Lindy Charm School  15 years ago, Headmistress Chrissy Keepence has helped many 000’s of students to discover their inner vintage style. In 2013, former model, television presenter and author, Tara […]

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Dry Shampooing – Tips Tricks and Recipes plus the importance of hair brushing!

Master Charming is scheduled to do my Hair tonight…. Yes I need my roots done and not that its necessarily polite etiquette to discuss these matters, nonetheless it had me thinking what is the history of this product “Wella/Koleston” I have been using to color my hair for the past 10 years.  I did some […]

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What’s your spirit animal? … Getting up close and personal with Miss Chrissy – An interview by Scenestar

What’s your spirit animal? … Getting up close and personal with Miss Chrissy – An interview by Scenestar   What do you do? I am the Headmistress of The Lindy Charm School , I’m an aficionado of early 20th Century style, whose long-time love-affair with all things vintage began with swing dancing. And as a Swing […]

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28 Great Tips on Personality and Charm from the 1940s

28 Great Tips on Personality and Charm from the 1940s   The Charming Miss Betty Grable:  “Glamour Without the light from within is like a flower without perfume.” 1 Take Pride in your appearance and always be well-groomed 2 Believe in yourself and believe in other people. 3 Be considerate. 4 Be sincere. 5 Forget […]

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Event Management and VIP Staff

Did you know that The Lindy Charm School also does VIP Event Management including the supply of high end Hostess staff that are all class to fit with your 6 star event. All of my Ladies are hand picked to suit the brief. On this occasion I engaged 3 of the best to work with […]

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Shiny and New….. The Lindy Charm School gets her own makeover.. A Newsletter…

Take a peak behind the velvet curtain of The Lindy Charm School. A dazzling boudoir sprinkled with sass, sweet fragrances and laughter. Women draped in boas, pearls and dark satin – celebrating themselves, others and those yet to arrive. Hello Charm School Debutante’s, family, followers, fans, & purveyors of all things Charming…  Who likes shiny […]

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Betty Grable Inspired Vintage Hairstyle with Victory Rolls and Barrell Rolls by Miss Chrissy

Step into the Salon with Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School. Whether worn in victory rolls – a look which she popularised as a pin-up during World War II – or brushed out into loose, flowing romantic waves, Betty’s hair remains an inspiration to this day. I hope you enjoy this tutorial by The […]

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The Best of Vintage Styling Workshops – Its a Hats On Affair

  Join us for this new workshops as you ready yourself for the Melbourne Cup Races..  It’ll be a Hats On Affair running two different and specific looks that will have you standing out in the crowd and be a real contender for Fashions on The Field. SATURDAY 3/11/18 as part of the Vintage Emporiums […]

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Can you spare me 5 mins? it’s kind of a big deal..

Hey there Charm School Kittens! If you’re reading this, you’re on a digital device (I know, mind reader). And we’d really love if you could do us one tiny favour. Actually, it’s a pretty massive favour. And it’s kind of a big deal. But it will only take you a minute or two. We’d love […]

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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
and working together is success."

Henry Ford


Welcome to The Lindy Charm School where we offer a wide range of styling, costuming, workshopping and corporate services. Headed by the ever-vivacious Mistress Chrissy, The Lindy Charm School is a multi-disciplinary creative events and vintage styling business driven by a rich affinity with a time before now.

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