From the Desk Miss Kelley Mc – "On Getting Naked"

In August Miss Chrissy introduced us to herLife Coach, Tamra Mercieca. After a Lindy Charm school for Girls workshopearlier this year, Tamra gave me the honour of inviting me to her Very SpecialEvening.  In keeping with all thingsfabulous, this was not a mere ‘book launch’. No, instead it was “The GettingNaked Festival”. In a beautiful gown from Bonnie Rose Vintage Clothing (, Tamra cut the figure of a perfect hostess,chatting to guests and enjoying an evening which had been put together with muchthought and care. As well as the opportunity to get our hands on the GettingNaked book, we were treated to raw/organic/no sugar/delicious chocolate,natural beauty and cleaning products (a true treat for the olfactory sense),the beautiful music of Heidi Hibberd ( and my new favourite florist in Melbourne – Floriography ( Victorians (from the era not the state!) used various flowers that hadspecific meanings as a way of speaking in code to each other. When people datedin secret, they could convey messages to each other through theirtussie-mussies.  Bring this traditionback I say! And it would be remiss of me not to mention that all of Tamra’sGetting Naked girls looked fantastic, with their vintage finishing touchesapplied by Candice De Ville and Helen McLean ( Iam looking forward to the photos!  Whilethere were a range of excellent companies involved in the night who all deservecredit, the above is intended to give a flavour of the evening.
And what of the book/CD itself I hear youask…  allow me to borrow from the authorherself:
A new toolkit designed to help you fashion ahealthy and loving relationship with your most fabulous self. This boutique ofhypnosis, metaphor therapy and visualisation can be used alone or alongside the’Remarkable Relationships’ seminar to help make changes from an unconsciouslevel, so you are able to stitch up the results you want in ALL areas of yourlife. The more you listen to these tracks the more control you will have overyour emotions and behaviours, so you can radiate the inner beauty that lieswithin us all.
And Tamra certainly did radiate her innerbeauty, being a living example of her book’s message. Bravo to you Tamra!

Interested in purchasingthe book? See here:

Til Next Time,

Miss Kelley xx

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  1. Well hello Miss Kelley,

    What a lovely summation of a wonderful evening! I look forward to keeping up with your current events via facebook,


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