The Most Luxurious Pamper For Yourself… A cheap too!

The Most Luxurious Pamper For Yourself:


As some of you know I have battled with an outbreak of excema + Candida for a long time now and doctors, family, my own inner confidence, and much advice from facebook friends has led me on a real journey of discovery of different things to try.  We know its years of stress, grief, chemo & radiation toxins escaping form my body and I am definitely on the right path for inner gut healing, mind healing etc but topically I am still trying everything… Recently, I was at Mrs Flannerys Health Food Shop in Robina complaining to the naturopath that my usual body scrub of Olive Oil, Brown Sugar and Manuka Honey (Glorious!) was off the recipe list at the moment due to me being on a strict no sugar diet!  SO.. I asked what she suggested I use to exfoliate my skin (Needs it regularly at the moment) She suggested the following:


OH MY Good Golly Gosh!!!  How did I not know this before (maybe I did.. Maybe my mum  told me!! hmmmm) anyway… The cheapest most luxurious way to exfoliate the whole body! Feels amazing!   She went on to say.. buy the cheap stuff as it’s finer and works better than the larger more coarse organic stuff.. Best news ever!  I have been using it for about 2 weeks now every night in the shower…  Home alone and needing some restful mind time tonight, I upped the anti .  I had an Epsom Salt Bath and scrubbed with the coconut in the bath and then just soaked.   Now that was pampering…

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On the road again… Vintage Styling Workshops Coming Up…

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🌟 The Lindy Charm School Newsletter 🌟   Hello Charm School Family and Friends!   We’re absolutely thrilled to share the latest happenings at The Lindy Charm School, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a whirlwind of charm and style in the coming weeks and months.   ✨ Recap:  Central Coast Delight:…


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