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Name: Nathan Miles Melbourne

Age: 29

Starsign: Scorpio

Hobbies:  I am not much of a dabbler. If I like something i want to do, i want to do it all the time, not just do it to pass the time.

Likes: Art, Fashion, Beauty, Glamour, Being Ridiculous

Dislikes:  Tracksuit Pants, Humourless People, Thongs, 

What’s your favourite all time inspirational quote? A quote from John Waters ” Get on the nerves of your fashion peers, not your parents –  that is the key to fashion leadership”

What, for you, epitomises the very essence of a Suave Gent?  Casually witty, well groomed without looking overly plucked and of course a decent pair of shoes. 

 What is your idea of a heavenly day? One that involves shopping, picnics, grass and a bottle of good champagne.

What is your idea of Hell on Earth? Being stuck in an everlasting loop, where all i see are hideous clothes and hideous decor sans champagne. 

What do you consider to be the absolute key essential to being Suave? A good wallet and a good taste in Whiskey.

Living, or deceased – who is your perfectly groomed role model?  Although I tend not to look to role models, who could go past people like Oscar Wilde, he had charm, wit and sophistication. Beau Brummell, the original dandy. Or even Casanova, who had an enormous respect for women. 

What 3 items of clothing would you rescue if your wardrobe  was on fire? Are you kidding, only three!?! I would grab every item of my Mr John collection that I could, which equals considerably more than three…..

What 3 lessons would you/will you teach your son/nephew/boy child if you could? How to have humour, that curls get the girls & everyone loves a good moustache. 

Excuse me Mam/Miss? Or Hey Lady? Depends on the person, depends on the situation, more generally it will likely be, excuse me. I tend to find that exclaiming, “Oi Lady” doesn’t get you very far in life. 

Do you feel comfortable opening doors, offering right or way and pulling out a chair etc for ladies or has that time past?  Absolutely, it’s not from obligation that one should act this way, but rather as an act of respect to the person you’re doing it for.  

Are you wary when offering an innocent compliment to a lady if you do know know them? And why? No I am not wary, if I think someone looks fantastic, I am not afraid to share my appreciation with the person. 

To dance or Not to dance? If you can’t dance, don’t! If you can dance, please do!

Do you think a grooming/suave subject should be reintroduced/included in today’s school curriculum?  I think it’s important for men to learn how to groom correctly, it may not be everyones cup of tea, but neither is math. 

What do you think about this saying from Havelock Ellis:  Charm is a women’s strength just as strength is a man’s charm.  I think this saying is a little outdated, but I do feel that charm is important in both genders and it’s something that needs to be taught and refined. The concept of the stoic man can be a bit of a red herring for someone without charisma. 

Do you own or have you ever worn flip flops/thongs? Absolutely not!

Which one of your vices, if any, do you think can lend and air of louche sophistication? In this day and age it would more than likely be my smoking, but i like to think that with a good cigarette case and lighter it adds a touch of old world charm.  

Do you think chivalry is dead?  Some people may think that chivalry is dead, but i think that it has been repurposed for the modern day, it’s something that both genders are able to incorporate into their daily lives and used with equanimity. 

Are manners still as important today?    Of course they are! Especially to the gent who wishes to leave a suave, debonaire impression. 

What do you define as essential/basic etiquette for men?  The most essential etiquette for a man is to be able to engage in appropriate conversation, say please and thank you and remember to put that darn mobile phone away.   

Who are the fashion influences that helped define your look?  I don’t draw my inspiration from specific people, I like to be inspired by colour, history and the items of clothing themselves. I do not follow trends and I certainly don’t bow down to what other people think appropriate. 

Hat Doffing? Are you a fan? Do you practice?   Although I don’t practice it myself, I am a fan of the hat doff.   

Who would win the girl, The charmer with Wit or the Power with Money?  Winning a woman’s heart is something that needs to be worked at everyday and a charming wit will always trump a dastardly rich curmudgeon.  

What is your classic favourite car?, what would you drive if you could?   A total dreamboat, the 1950 Studebaker.


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