My Sister Ronnie and I recently had the pleasure of running a series of Mini Charm School Workshops for Young Ladies.  A dream of our Mothers was for us to work together and to pass the baton of knowledge to the next generation.  2016 was our year to start this journey.  Mum’s idea is now a reality and she would be proud of us.  Now we are off and running, we have great plans for 2017 to offer more variety of workshops for young ladies with more content and dedicated sessions covering the most important aspects. By August we plan to have a purpose built venue where we can run 6 week block Charm School Courses that will enable to girls to receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.   Plans are also afoot to publish books and online courses so we are excited about this new journey as you can imagine.  Baby Steps though and for now we are thrilled to be offering these mini Pop Up workshops for young girls ages 8 to 15 years.  Sign up to our newsletter to know when these dates/workshops will pop up.  Feel free to share what we are doing to other families who may be interested for their young girls/ladies.  We would love to reach as many girls as possible and arm with not only with inner confidence but with oodles of charm and manners so that the world really will be their Oyster.  Taking only the best advice for our forebears (leaving the dodgy stuff behind) the Lindy Charm School will carefully and creatively offer practical skills that foster graciousness, kindness, charisma and charm. The future is in good hands but for young people on the threshold of becoming positive contributors to our society we want to ensure that the legacy of old fashioned good manners is carried forth with them.

*NB:  If you would like to enquire about holding a private class or maybe even a birthday, pre-graduation or other special occassion party and have us come along and entertain/host and deliver a mini workshop for your girls then place feel free to call us any time to discuss.  We can come to you.. Maybe a High Tea with a Sip of Manners as an idea?.  

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Here is some of what we share with the girls in our recent mini workshops. These mini workshops are a 1.5 hour class that only touches on these topics, but in our full workshops we tailor the content and concentrate on a couple of topics at a time.

Charm School Take Home Notes:

  • Hairbrushing: – Remember: to get the best out of your hair, for clean, strong, shiny hair, brush it twice a day with a natural fiber (Boar Bristle) Brush. Take at least 5 minutes and enjoy the feeling of stimulating the scalp and creating shine.  By doing this, you will distribute your natural oils throughout your hair.  Remember the rule, wash less brush more!
  • Makeup: Look at your Face in 3 parts..  Eyebrows/Eyes, Cheeks and Lips..  You need to pay attention to each part to give an overall complimentary look.  Remember the mantra : Simple Yet Striking!
  • Grooming Essentials: Start a habit of a Beauty In Night to pamper yourself ad  keep in touch with your ever changing looks..  This is the time to try out new makeup looks, new hairstyles, this is also the time to get into the habit of the extra bits we as young ladies need to pay attention too.  Remember:  Grooming is not only about our bodies, it is also about our clothes and accessories.  Attention to detail makes the difference.  Just like you need tidy hair and clean nails etc, you also need to have pressed and mended clothes for example.
  • The Essential 3 P’s (Posture, Poise & Posing) – Remember the Mantra: Head to the Heavens, Lead with the Heart! Walk through the situation using your core and your grace…  Remember the Transformer of Poses we showed you and lastly, practice your Wonder Woman Pose for courage when you need it!
  • How to be Graceful: Remember your Poise, Your Posture and Breathe..  Take time and remember our exercise on how we enter a room..  Practice at home.  Don’t go blundering into a room or making a big deal when leaving, The graceful girl enters in a way her presence is felt but doesn’t dominate (Like a Breeze rather than a gust of wind) and the same when she leaves.. Leave with a good impression not a noisy one.
  • Manners and Etiquette: Manners are the result of a Kind Heart!   Etiquette is an orderly way about doing things.  Remember:  If you have manners first, etiquette will follow.  Displaying Good Manners shows your respect the person as well as yourself!   Remember:  It’[s not just about please and thank you.. its respect…
  • The Art of Charm: The Art of Making someone feel good about themselves… Genuinely!  Remember:  A Charming Personality is more powerful than superficial beauty!


Our most recent workshop we were fortunate enough to have the Gold Coast Bulletin come and sit in on the day and share with the wider audiences about what we do..  Below is the article they wrote.   Below that are some happy snaps of the girls in the workshops.  


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