Shiny and New….. The Lindy Charm School gets her own makeover.. A Newsletter…

Take a peak behind the velvet curtain of The Lindy Charm School. A dazzling boudoir sprinkled with sass, sweet fragrances and laughter. Women draped in boas, pearls and dark satin – celebrating themselves, others and those yet to arrive.

Hello Charm School Debutante’s, family, followers, fans, & purveyors of all things Charming…  Who likes shiny and new stuff??  I know I do… so you can imagine how excited I am to be sharing with you all the new and shiny stuff The Lindy Charm School has on offer….. Lets’s start..

In this Newsletter:

  1. Our New Branding and Website
  2. New & Exclusive Products
  3. Brand New Vintage Hair Tutorial to Share with you
  4. 3 New Workshops, ACT, QLD & VIC
  5. Introducing Sketch Marks – QLD
  6. Introducing Tessa Rickard – VIC
  7. Boudoir Shoots – QLD
  8. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – QLD

NEW:  Ta Daaaa.. It’s been far too long coming but here it is.. My new Branding and Website are now live.

Jump online, have a look around and tell me what you think.  We wanted to go with a Timeless and Classic feel yet still hold all the Charm… Did we do it?    The website should be easy to navigate, functional and it is also up with the 21st century and mobile and google friendly (not like my old baby that was only useful on PC :))   CLICK HERE to navigate to our new website.  Happy Surfing.. Oh, and check out all the new products for sale…


NEW: Products – New and Exclusive.. More coming..

Our product range is full of necessary things to help your Vintage styling looks nice and easy to achieve.  With the right makeup (our own brand made in Canada & Brisbane), the right hair products and tools and some fabulous accessories, we hope to make life a little easier getting ready each day..  We are always looking to add affordable products to our range so if you are a supplier or small home business or just have some recommendations on what we should add to the shop then please feel free to give us a hollah!

We are now the QLD distributor of Catch a Thief Sunglasses (Hand Picked Range) and also now the Namarata Joshipura Turban Headbands and our Velvet Turban Headbands in a variety of colours which are stunning :  Adorn your head with this Namrata Joshipura ornate hand-embroidered and hand-beaded turban headbands, crafted ethically in India.  Very limited at the moment and more coming online soon.

Bakerlight/Fakerlite Jewellery coming soon too… (Earrings, Brooches, Bangles sets)

NEW:   Betty Grable Inspired Vintage Hairstyle with Victory Rolls and Barrel Rolls

Step into the Salon with Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School – CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Whether worn in victory rolls – a look which she popularised as a pin-up during World War II – or brushed out into loose, flowing romantic waves, Betty’s hair remains an inspiration to this day.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial by The Lindy Charm School. All products used are available on my website: THE LINDY CHARM SCHOOL

Thank you to my model Amanda Chamberlain

NEW:  3 new workshops around Australia before the years out…

I LOOOOOVVVEEE the 1930’s Looks as much as I LOVE the 1940’s but most of my workshops to date I have grouped the 40’s and 50’s together as that has been the majority of interest.  This time though I really wanted to group together the 30’s and the 40’s  and have put together some of my “Go To” favourite looks using techniques that are achievable at home..  There will be two ICONIC looks that I want to teach you.  You can either pick a workshop or do both and double the looks you learn.

Morning WS:   Workshop the 1930’s Look with me. I will show you a simple yet striking look 1930’s smoky eye makeup look as in picture above as some easy go to hair styles to suit that era and more importantly to suits some fabulous hats..  (Bring False Eyelashes and any hats/accessories to suit this era that you have and let’s play!)

Afternoon WS:  Workshop the 1940’s Look with me. I will show you a simple yet striking look 1940’s Glamour makeup look as in picture above as some easy go to hair styles to suit that era including victory rolls, Barrel rolls and more importantly to suit some fabulous hats..


NEW:  An Awesome new initiative started up by a dear Gal Pal I wanted to share with you ..

SKETCH MARKS –   Sketch Marks is a life drawing institution with a body positive message. By that, we mean we are celebrating the beauty in the diversity of the human form through the age-old traditions of art.
Have a look at the ABC story done on them HERE

Sketch Marks is Bobby and Jesse, two women who met serendipitously in a life drawing class, and after a passionate discussion about how life modelling has completely changed our perception of ourselves, we knew we had to find a way to share it. We appreciate the transformation we experienced is not unique to us, and has the potential to change the lives of so many people who are battling body image and self esteem challenges.
Whilst we believe ultimately change comes from within, we also acknowledge the human desire for external validation. So we have created Sketch Marks life drawing as a platform to explore the transformational power that exists in the exchange that takes place in the artists studio. There are many other positive side effects to being a life model, admiring the art that was inspired by ones own loyal body, is just the beginning.
For centuries, life drawing has been a celebration of the diversity of human beauty, appreciated in its most intimate detail. Today, Sketch Marks celebrates the power of life drawing as a tool for self discovery, self acceptance and ultimately, self love.
We are eager to start this journey with the support of the local community. Whether you’re an artist, a prospective model, or someone who just wants to be part of this movement, we want you with us. Sketch Marks is for every body.

Bobby and Jesse

NEW:  An awesome Nutrionist has just hit Melbourne..


She’s not only my GO TO person for Vintage Style, this lady is also an amazing Nutrionist who has just opened her own practice..  Want to Look Good, Feel Good and then be styled good on top?(I know I know,  that’s bad english but I was on a roll!  🙂 )

About Tessa:  I am a Nutritionist utilising evidence based nutritional medicine to empower my clients to better health and enjoyment of food.

NEW COLLABORATION:  Boudoir Shoots – QLD with The Lindy Charm School and Peppermint Photography

Amanda from Peppermint Photography and I have been trying to align our calendars all year to bring together our talents and offer affordable Old Hollywood Boudoir Shoots to our QLD Gals like the one we did with Mags above… We have done it!!  Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of December (Put in your Christmas Wishes NOW!)  Gold Coast & Brisbane…  Email Chrissy to enquire further or book in:  [email protected]


Ain’t that the truth..

Roll up, roll up… Brisbane’s debaucherously delightful summer party is back and rolls into Brisbane Powerhouse and SWING ON IN have ben asked to host the Swing dance Party of the century!! An unrivalled end-of-year carnival of all things wacky and wonderful, this year’s Wonderland Festival serves up a seductive feast of more than 25 events AND “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” will be a new feature to this fabulous festival.

With a Mix of Cabaret, Burlesque, Circus and SWING DANCING

Brisbane’s ultimate summer-starter. Wonderland Festival bottles that spirit and pops the cork night after night with a world-class program of unashamedly balls-out entertainment; it’s a thrill from top to bottom.

It’s FREE, everyone welcome and come and join the biggest party to end the year with us!

Until next time my lovelies, I’d love to hear your feedback, se your faces or maybe pack up and send an order your way….

Stay Charming,

Miss Chrissy x


Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length…. Robert Frost





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One on One Vintage Styling Lessons with me.. In person or via Zoom

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Come learn the secret sauce and the silent skill set you can not learn off You Tube. Hands on, one on one time with me at my new Gold Coast Home based Salon OR Via ZOOM video conferencing.. Private Consults covering…


Oh, Hi There April… Healing her heart and raising awareness through Pinup

Swipe for Makeover.. Muah by me @lindycharmschoolPhotos by @amanda_peppermintphotographyProps by @susannekelly9 and @vintageborrowco_ Meet the most beautiful Gal that has dimples and a smile to melt your heart. Miss Velvet Crush (aka April) Her story is powerful and sad and through sharing it, April is making a difference. From April: I would like to raise money for Homicide Victim Support Group (HVSG)…


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