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“I Feel More Poised, More Feminine & More Gracious”

I attended your recent Vintage styling workshop in Melbourne. I just wanted you to know that it has empowered me to feel more confident at a very challenging personal time in my career. I now do my hair in Victory rolls on a daily basis. I feel more poised, more feminine and more gracious. It has been life-changing and I embrace the Vintage styling!
Anthea Andrews

– Anthea , VIC

The Key To All Those Vintage Looks You Have Been Dying To Master

My name is Abigail Wilson and I am 13 years old. Unlike some 13 year olds I really enjoy making my own style rather than copying the one on the mannequin outside Target. I always tried to team my outfit with a cool vintage hairdo and eyeliner, but YouTube failed to help me out. Then, when I was reading a magazine I found an ad for Lindy charm school for girls.  I read a bit about it on the internet and decided that was what I wanted for Christmas! I am writing this testimonial to encourage more young teens to attend these fabulous vintage makeup and hair workshops. 

As I went into the workshop I was quite nervous. I shouldn’t have been though because everyone welcomed me with open arms and introduced themselves. I had a lot of laughs with the people sitting next to me. It was lovely to be surrounded by people who accept and embrace your style. 

As well as meeting lots of adorable people I also got to learn firsthand how to do all the iconic styles of the vintage era. I won’t spoil it for you but you will come out feeling like a qualified hair and makeup artist with all that you have learned.

On another point the workshop sizes are great because there are enough people to have fun and talk with but not too many so you still get the cosy feeling of being with a bunch of girlfriends.

I won’t tell you too much because that would ruin all the special surprises. Trust me though this is the key to all those vintage looks you have been dying to master.  I hope that this letter has pushed you towards this workshop because it is absolutely worth your time and money and what you learn will give you the power to transform into a fully fabulous vintage Lady.

Good luck – Abigail

Corporate: Letter of Recommendation – Ipswich City Square

New Picture (14)

In October 2013, Ipswich City Square hosted its first vintage and Rockabilly fashion festival, and we were absolutely thrilled to be able to secure the services of Chrissy Keepence, Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School for Girls, as our primary entertainer and event emcee on the day.

Chrissy was recommended to me by local vintage fashion specialists and she was absolutely fantastic. In fact, the response from our festival goers, organisers and management team was that Chrissy really “made the day” and I totally agree.

Chrissy not only hosted the Prom King and Queen Pageant, she also provided her beauty and styling skills by creating vintage hair and makeup looks on our 8 runway models prior to the parade, she ran a kids’ deportment and posture class which was loads of fun, extremely entertaining and hugely engaging, as well as ongoing audience calls to action which kept the crowd enthusiastic and excited throughout the event, and finally, an onstage Bombshell Makeover.

As an emcee, Chrissy is the consummate professional, combining old-world vintage glamour with energy, humour and fun, and the audience absolutely loved her.

Chrissy is passionate about sharing the knowledge, history and educational values of the past, while still making it interesting, relevant and completely up-to-date with current trends.

I have no doubt that many of the attendees at the inaugural Kitsch in the Swich event came along purely to see Chrissy in action.

We have already booked Chrissy and The Lindy Charm School for Girls for both 2014 Kitsch in the Swich events – one during Ipswich Festival and one during the Ipswich Fashion Festival – and I’m really excited to work with her again in the near future.

Rachel Vickary
Marketing Manager, Asset Management
Ipswich City Square/Inala Plaza/Beaudesert Fair for Knight Frank
0447 366 132

[email protected]


“I Felt Utterly Stunning” The Most Perfect Secret Garden-esque Wedding


Where do I begin?

You and Sammy were, by no exaggeration, perfect! Not only did you both set the scene perfectly for the day, but you nurtured and pampered us and created not only the greatest setting by which to begin my wedding day, but also the perfect canvas to carry it through!

I began the morning of my wedding pretty bleary-eyed and tired after what proved to be a particularly rough evening (my mother-in-law and I have a somewhat strained relationship and she didn’t fail to live up to that on the night before) and despite my efforts to go to bed early, I ended up falling asleep well after midnight and puffy from tears.

So while I didn’t wake up feeling particularly chirpy…

When you ladies arrived and put on Doris Day while setting up, it delighted me to no end and put me in a headspace whereby I was warmed and excited and ready to embrace my wedding day! You both looked incredible and showed the same dedication to creating the perfect 50s look for myself and my precious Ladies of Loveliness! Each one of them looked incredible, and you helped to make them look and feel like the truly beautiful women each of them are!

And my Mum! Goodness…

She looked stunning and by the way she carried herself, I knew she also truly felt it! In that room sat three generations of women, each as valuable as the precious stones they wore (Grandma wore her 120 year old pearls – the very same mum wore on her wedding day; mum adorned emeralds; my sister wore diamonds and I wore my mother’s sapphires and vintage rubies).

And me!

I can honestly say there have only been a handful of occasions in which I have felt truly and utterly beautiful, and by far, my wedding day was the greatest of them all! When I originally emailed the Lindy Charm School to enquire as to whether or not you could do our wedding hair and makeup, I did so with a very particular vision in mind.

I was to be wearing my mother’s dress and we were to be married in a fully 50’s garden party and I didn’t want any old makeup artist copying a look and plastering it on me in the name of ‘vintage’. I spent months researching proper 50s hair and makeup artists and as I mentioned to you on the day, I was so excited by the Lindy Charm School and what you run by way of vintage styling classes and fairs, but felt that it was impossible to ask simply because of where you are based. Yet as the weeks passed and I continued my research, I kept coming back to the Charm School and, knowing no one else could do quite what you ladies do, figured I had nothing to lose by at least enquiring.

Well, let’s say you absolutely, 100% lived up to my expectations and dreams!

From the moment you arrived I knew I was in the right hands! I felt utterly stunning and in every way the Lady I envisioned I would be on my wedding day! You and Sammy did an incredible job and I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm and excitement and for still committing to come considering both the distance and the turmoil in both your lives at the time.

I felt utterly blessed to have you both there and to see the transformations each of my special Ladies and I went through, and feel that true sense of ‘beautiful’ we all felt on my wedding day.

And the wedding…OH MY GOODNESS!!! I had an absolute ball!

I wasn’t remotely stressed out and I only cried when i heard the music starting for the girls to walk down the aisle. But by the time i got there i was all but bursting at the seams with excitement!

The weather was perfect, the flowers were in bloom and the cattle next door were doing their thing and I got to marry my greatest friends under the most glorious giant Moreton Bay Fig in front of the our most dearest friends and family.

Then we ran through paddocks, climbed fences, lay under willow trees and posed in barn yards, and then topped it off with a sweet little choreographed Swing dance as our First Dance! As the light fell, the millions of fairy lights and hanging garden lanterns turned on and guests were swept up in the magic of it all.

It really was the most perfect Secret Garden-esque wedding and I wouldn’t change a thing! Jason and I loved every second and cherished the whole day!

Again, my genuine thanks from the bottom of my heart! Will be in touch when photos come through!

– Much love, Beth Stewart-Wright!

Penrith Art Gallery


Thank you once again for another fantastic feel good workshop, you really have the most amazing ability of bonding a group of women and empowering them to all walk away with a lovely history lesson and makeover all in one. It’s a sensational day out.

Dimity Mullane

Marketing and Media

 New Picture (16) Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest
86 River Road Emu Plains NSW 2750

p 02 4735 1100  f 02 4735 8334

e [email protected]



“The lesson was well paced and easy to understand” – Workshops for every level…

Hello Miss Chrissy
I wanted to pass on my thanks for holding The Lindy Charm School for girls Workshop at Ripponlea today. I had such an amazing time, and also learnt so much (the tips and tricks and little known 20/30s facts along the way). It was a blessing to be chosen as a model for the traditional make up (as its an era that sing to my heart). The lesson was well paced and easy to understand (now I won’t look like a clown).
Massive thank you and kudos for such a brilliant day.
Looking forward to the next one.

Amanda , VIC

“I made a new friend” – Adelaide Workshop

Hi Miss Chrissy,
Thank you for the time you (and the other ladies) spent with us on Saturday at the styling workshop in Adelaide. I really enjoyed it and made a new friend, too! I also appreciated that you took the extra time to make sure we left feeling beautiful! I must admit that I felt very special and eye-catching as I left the hotel in the afternoon!

I am a member of the South Australian Aviation Museum, so I popped in there afterwards, to see what the older men would think of me! I think they were impressed and I felt great! I really wanted some photos with the vintage aeroplanes and one of the members happened to have his good camera there, so he took some great shots for me. I thought you might like to see a couple of them. Thank you so much for doing my hair so beautifully.

I went to see my 87 yo mum afterwards an she didn’t recognise me at first! The next day she was looking at old photos, and thought how much I looked like her when she was young whilst I was done up like that. I also visited my boyfriend’s mum (she’s about 84) and she said I brought back memories.

Thank you once again.

Janice Eames.

PS: By the way, I painted the pin-up on the side of the Spitfire in one of the photos. She’s the 1943 Vargas August girl. I’ve since designed a couple of my own.

Janice, SA

“Bounjour Mademoiselle! J’adore”

Bounjour mademoiselle. J’adore
hello wonderful ladies! thank you for a fun, empowering, confidence booster day. My gorgeous friend Jule booked us in for your Adelaide workshop and I had a brilliant day and learnt amazing techniques and tricks to help bring out the vintage glam in me. You all are gorgeous women who were most helpful and patient and made us feel special.

Thank you for giving me new knowledge and inspiration. I look forward to practising the Bridgit Bardot inspired hairdo! my favourite.

Best wishes to you all
kind regards

Marija, SA

“All Hens had an absolutely FABULOUS afternoon!”

Just a quick note to thank you 🙂
All hens had an absolutely fabulous afternoon! Bonnie & Foxy were beyond fantastic hostesses and we all looked a million dollars and certainly turned some heads when we went out after 😉 Thanks 🙂 Skye

Skye, VIC

“As a Student Of The Lindy Charm School I Learnt A LOT!”

The Lindy Charm School is Indeed run by Charming Lady’s. As a Hair & Makeup Gal myself, I knew a number of students & got the reaction What are you doing Here? As a student of The Lindy Charm School I learnt A LOT……Ladies Chrissy & Sammy are indeed AMAZING teachers very Generous with there time & knowledge . I for one thoroughly Enjoyed myself .

Thank you Lovely Charming Ladies Chrissy & Sammy Lots of Love XX

– Jen, Paperdoll, SA

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