The Journey – The Process – The Wedding.. welcome to the Family Tara-Lee

Last weekend I got to do the hair and makeup trial for Miss Tara-Lee in preparation for her big day..  Tara has been a member of our family for 7 years and given us two wonderful granddaughters already but on Saturday she officially became Mrs Jesse Keepence and I was so happy to be a part of her journey to the alter….  Not normally one for working on my kids wedding days but I couldn’t say no to those big puppy eyes when she asked.  I felt humbled, blessed and more than happy to be the Hair and Makeup Stylist for Tara-Lee and our daughter Chloe on this special day.  A story in pictures:

Stage 1:  The Hair Trial

1.  Freshly Washed and Dyed Hair
2.  Brush out and spray with The Lindy Charm School For Girls Essential Setting Lotion (The Magic weapon)
.  Hot Roll Set – I used Babyliss Ceramic Hot Rollers.  Let cool then take out
4.  Admire her natural curls for a moment and then start the style
5.  I section out two pieces of hair – one from each side and clip for later final styling
6.  Section half up/half down and pin the top section for later styling
7.  Take the bottom section, tie into a pony tail to the side then tease tease tease
8. Take top section and brush smooth and brush over the teased pony tail
9.  Tie base and fold under teased bun and pin
10.  Used right side piece and create pin curls as a side feature
11.  Use part of left side section to fold over the top of bun as a feature but to also hold it in place finish it off with a pin curl & fasten tight with grips
12.  Brush fringe section down over left eye and ad another pin curl to finish off detail.

Stage 2: Makeup

We decided (as with most weddings) to be soft, feminine, simple yet striking so I used:

  1.  The Lindy Charm School for Girls Essential Blotting Powder to prime/prep the face
  2. Applied 2 coats of our Flawless Foundation – Colour L2 (Our lightest shade) blending using our new Essential Beauty Pod
  3. Eyes:  I used a a mix of yellow, purple and mauve for the shading on her eyes, then used our Essential Define Eyeliner for her winged look, I used our Come Hither Brown Brow Pencil to shade her eyebrows.  We decided to go with natural lashes because of her glasses so used Maybelline Black Mascara (2 coats)
  4.  Cheeks:  We used our “Look at Me Silken Pink Blusher” on the apples of her cheeks
  5.  Lips:  We used a Hot Pink Lip Liner and a MAC Hot Pink Lipstick called Kelly Yum Yum
  6. Final Dust over with our Essential Blotting power to set
  7. All Brushes used can be found here

Stage 3:  The Wedding Day

Repeated all of the above and added in a gorgeous set on our bridesmaid (Our Daughter – Chloe)


Stage 4:  The Wedding and The Party in Pictures:

All MUAH by Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School
All Professional Pictures by Kristina Childs Photography

**NB  If you would like us to style your wedding then feel free to email though for further details.

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