The Lindy Charm School For Girls Newsletter August 2011

 August 2011
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From the Desk of Ms Chrissy
Love my life!!…  Since last we met we have Charm Schooled no less than 90 ladies and I can tell you that Miss Kim, Miss Sammy and myself got just as much from them through the experience, as they did from us..  Thank you Melbourne and Canberra.   Throw in a fabulous Greazefest  Kustom Kulture Festival ( ) where I (amongst other things) played hostess to Miss Michelene Pitt, which was a lovely experience to say the least ……An inspiring up close and personal look at Hair & Makeup techniques as done in her world.  I did learn some interesting little tips which I will be sure to try out and share with you if they indeed work as well in our everyday glamorous lives……, you can see why I have not sent out a newsletter since June!!  No excuse I know….

Exciting news…. You might have noticed our web page has been down, well that is because I am transitioning to a new more user friendly version that I can update all day long if I like…  We will also be moving towards being able to buy merchandise online and 2012 will see our merchandise line growing which is exciting…Still planning to keep the school boutique and small enough to keep that personal touch, but just want to add some more elements to it…  You can blame my fabulous personal coach Ms Tamra ( for the new energy for growth with my Baby, The Lindy Charm School for Girls…

Miss Kim  has been working madly putting the finishing touches to the trip of a lifetime itinerary for our LA Vintage Tour in April Next Year (See more below)…

Just a quick reminder to you ladies before I leave and go teach a dance class (as I was reminded today myself!)….  I was sitting in a doctors surgery today with an inflamed “Excema” face!  And feeling quite the ugly duckling not having my pretty face on (so to speak!) and the lovely Dr said to me.. Darling, I will fix your face for you….but you must know that you are beautiful even with that red rash all over you…  She said people with beautiful eyes see past all that….  I was taken aback… as here is the Dr teaching the teacher… well at least reminding me… she was right !!  So ladies I think there is a lesson in there somewhere for each of us….  Til next time.. Thou Shalt Endeavour ….

xx Ms Chrissy xx

I haven’t actually formally introduced you to our latest Assistant to join the Charm School Team.. Meet Miss Sammy … Her smile just lights up any room and is travelling with us, assisting with workshops and is in charge of merchandise….

Welcome Sammy..

Charm School Calendar – Email me to book or enquire about booking your own personal Charm School..

Saturday 3rd September – Melbourne – 1pm to 4pm Private Hens Party

Sunday 4th September – Melbourne – 12 Noon to 3pm – Workshop

Saturday 1st October – Brisbane – 5 Places left – Email me today

Saturday 8th October – Melbourne – Registrations now open…           
Sunday 9th October – Private Hens Party
14-16 October – 2011 – Love Vintage Fair – Sydney – – Registrations now open for Sunday’s workshop  – 50% full
22-23 October – 2011 – Camperdown Rockabilly Festival –
I will be in residence at Glamour Central with my Charm School Salon – open for business doing Vintage Makeovers… Come and see me…

5/6 November – Country Victoria – Daylesford/Tyabb – Registrations Now open… Spring Racing Carnival Themes Ladies… Its all about the Hats!!



Love Vintage Fairs – – Workshops at each event..

SYDNEY April 20 – 22, 2012 Canterbury Racecourse
MELBOURNE May 18 – 20, 2012 Royal Exhibition Building
BRISBANE July 13 – 15, 2012 Brisbane Convention Centre

Do you set aside a Night for Beauty Catch Up?  Mine is Thursday’s…
1955: Your One-Night-A-Week Beauty Routine
(for both housewives and working girls)
Set aside one evening a week ~ whichever is most convenient, but try to make it the same night every week to fix the habit firmly ~ to do the following beauty chores that don’t have to be done more often. Start after dinner. Give yourself plenty of time (at least two hours). Try to avoid interruptions by your family or by friends on the phone.

I’m going to suggest the order in which you can do all these beauty chores. But if you prefer, rearrange the order to suit your own particular tastes. Just make sure you do all the steps listed for a complete feeling of achievement on the road to beauty.

1. Get into the most comfortable old robe you have.

2. IF you have make-up on, remove all traces.

3. Thoroughly cleanse your face

4. Give yourself the tired-eye treatment  (Green Tea Bag dipped in hot water, squeezed and then placed over eyes:  antioxidants and caffeine are great for tired & dark eyes)

5. Sit in front of a mirror and, for about 15 minutes, experiment with new make-up purchases and new ways of applying your old make-up.

6. Remove all traces of this make-up but keep on the final application of cream you’ve used to remove it.

7. Do five minutes of facial massage

8. Apply facial mask.

9. While mask is still on, remove old nail polish.

10. Do all steps of your manicure up to but not including the new polish application

11. Remove facial mask.

12. Give yourself the tired-foot treatment (Peppermint Foot cream lovely for this).

13. Start your pedicure. Do all the steps up to but not including the new polish application, if any .

14. Exercise for 15 minutes – (Just stretching and breathing is complimentary).

15. Brush hair at least 100 strokes.

16. Shampoo hair

17. Set hair (using the Lindy Charm School for Girls Essential Setting Lotion)

18. Take a warm “luxury” bath  (Spa & bubbles optional)

19. Apply anti-perspirant to underarms

20. Apply toilet water, cologne, or body lotion all over yourself.

21. Finish off with talcum or dusting powder (not, however, if you’ve used body lotion).

22. Apply polish to toenails.

23. While they’re drying, apply polish to fingernails.

24. When fingernails are dry, weigh and measure yourself. Record results on Pages 315 and 316 of this book.

25. Apply emollient cream to area around eyes.

26. IF skin is dry, leave a thin film of the cream all over your face for overnight. If skin is half-and-half, leave a thin film of the cream on dry patches for overnight.

27. Wash and thoroughly dry hands; push back cuticles.

28. Apply hand lotion or cream.

29. Get into bed and lights out.

In addition to the above routine, set aside a shorter time on an evening about three nights later to do the following:

1. Repair manicure.

2. Give your hair a between-shampoo cleansing (Bi Carb Soda or Baby Power tussled through)

3. IF you’re over thirty, give yourself a 5-minute facial (see chapter on skin).

4. Check up on your make-up equipment. Wash sponges, puffs, and brushes in soapy warm water.

5. Apply anti-perspirant to your underarms if you perspire profusely as a rule.

Source: Hart, Constance. The Handbook of Beauty. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1955.
A Couple of my Cents worth to above and adding some of the more modern routine (even mine)…
1.         Exfoliate the Lips Ladies with a dry flannel (washer) by rubbing briskly for a few seconds
            This takes off the week long build up of lip balm, lipstick and helps lipstick to stay on longer
            and nicer without the dreaded drying and flaking that sometimes happens..

2.         Shape & Tidy Eyebrows

3.         Wax & Shave all the necessary Parts 

We Love Gene Tierney.. Her Hair, Her Style Her Movies, Her Clothes but did you know…

She thought her voice sounded like an angry Minnie Mouse (Too high pitched and sweet) so she took up smoking to deepen it… She died shortly before her 71st birthday, of emphysema in Houston, Texas.

Did You Know: – Thank you Miss Bec for your wonderful Input here..

This all started with meeting the most amazing lady at the Love Vintage Fair in Melbourne recently (, Ms Emma Jane Leah from Fleurage Perfumery (  We were chatting about doing some collaborative work in the future with Hens/and or special ladies Days combining what we do with what Fleurage does.  What Emma does is so special, unique and lovely I had to share it with you….. This is straight from her brief to me…

A perfume to honor the bride by Fleurage Perfume Atelier
‘A group of closely bonded women gather to bless one of their sisters as she embarks upon the new
journey of matrimonial union.’
This ceremony of scent is an experience designed by, and exclusive to Fleurage Perfume Atelier. It is
steeped in the cultural traditions of women across the centuries as they prepare a bride for her
wedding day.
The perfume, designed by the Fleurage perfumer, represents all that her friends feel about her as a
sister and strengthens the bonds of female friendship as she enters her next life phase with her
partner of love.
Each woman contributes to its creation adding one ingredient at a time to represent her strong
character traits that together form a ‘picture’ of the bride as she is seen by her girlfriends. Knowing
this is a gift from her closest friends when the bride smells the scent that is formed at later times she
can be close to them all again and know their love is with her.
This experience takes roughly two to three hours and is best suited to an intimate group containing a
maximum number of 15
What the bride receives is a 15ml facet flacon filled with the perfume made by her friends and
presented in a special gift box. She also gets a decanting funnel and purse spray for convenient use
and because the event can be overwhelming we also record all the information regarding the bride
and her perfume and how it was formed along with wishes expressed for her wedding day on a special
The cost is $40 per head and includes light food and champagne as well as the perfume design by the
Fleurage perfumer, the ingredients used and the flacon.
Before the event all those to be present and contribute to the bride’s fragrance need to answer these
important questions so the perfumer can design the perfume formula and allocate ingredients
1 THE BRIDE’S DETAILS name and date of birth- not the year necessarily
4 WHAT THE WEDDING THEME IS eg. color, style, location
including her personality, her look, her style, and how they know her
All of this takes place at the beautiful Fleurage Perfume Atelier located in the leafy exclusive suburb
of Hawksburn Village. This venue is readily accessible by public transport with Hawksburn station
nearby and the number 72 tram stop 35 drop off and pick up right near the door. Note however that
by special arrangement the event can take place elsewhere.


H A W K S B U R N V I L L A G E , T O O R A K , 3 1 4 2
perfumery: 03 98271460
[email protected]
acn: 129 749 042
W W W . F L E U R A G E – N A T U R A L – P E R F U M E . C O M . A U

See I told you it was fabulous..  Well continuing on with my fragrance story, I attended Canberrang (The Canberra Swing Festival) recently and after a wonderful Charm School workshop I was gifted an original bottle of Coty Cologne by a lovely new Debutante (Lauren)… Another Debutante Miss Bec was at the table when this happened and we all started talking about the difference between Parfum, Toilette & Cologne..  Bec being Bec ran right home and researched it all and we also wanted to share this with you as it is very interesting and a girl must know the difference….

Eau de parfum is 10-20% “aromatic compounds” (essential oils and concentrated scent) – almost always 15% in modern perfumes

Eau de Toilette is 5-15% aromatic compounds (but almost always 10% in modern perfumes)

Eau de Cologne is only 2-5% and diluted into mainly ethanol (80-90%). 

In modern times the term cologne refers not just to the concentration of perfume oils but to the aromatic compounds used in the blend as well.  Cologne is made almost exclusively from citrus-based scents (in particular the “head notes”) but eau de parfum and eau de toilette are not restricted to any particular compounds and can employ floral, citrus, etc.  The term “cologne” to refer to a masculine scent is an American affectation.

The very first cologne was launched in 1709 in Cologne, France by Johann Maria Farina and at the time a single vial cost half a civil servant’s annual wage.  It was called Eau de Cologne (water of Cologne) and you can still smell and buy it today from Farina’s descendants who keep the blend secret to this day. Eau de Cologne was often copied, most successfully by another brand that you can still smell and buy today – 4711.

The person who blends perfume is simply known as a perfumer or in french Nez, which literally translates to “nose”.

Heat, oxygen and light are the three elements that cause a perfume to begin to break down.  Perfumes are best stored at 3-7C in the dark.  Yup, your fridge.

And finally, here are some of the oldest/most popular vintage perfumes still available on the market today;

*  Chanel No.5 – not Chanel’s 5th perfume but named for the lady’s obsession with the number five and marking it as her “definitive” scent.  (1921)

*  Joy by Jean Patou (1930)

*  Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden (1934)

*  L’air du Temps by Nina Ricci (1948)

*  Youth Dew by Estee Lauder (1953)

Incidentally Coty are still the world’s largest fragrance company.
Our Products:

Nude Cuban Heeled (Black Seam) – $25 ea – A girls staple
Nude Fishnets with Back Seam – $25
Spotted or Gingham Do Rags – $10 – Style accessories or god send for bad hair days
Perfect Pout Lip Liner & Lipstick set – $25  You won’t find cheaper for the quality.
The Essential LCSFG Setting Lotion – $20 – The ever famous “Rocket Fuel”
Set of 3 Dolly Pegs – $5 – Once you know how to use you won’t live without them
Cotton/Nylon Snoods – $20 – Red, Black and white now in stock.
Pin Curl Clips (Double) 10 per pack – $10 – A must have if you want great pin curls 

Couldn’t help myself……I love, love, love this ladies philosophy on life.

Dear Miss Chrissy and Miss Kim,

thankyou both for the newsletter you do each month as it is the highlight of all the emails I receive.

I have just finished reading a book recommended by Miss Chrissy: The Guernsey literary and Potato
Peel Pie Society and really enjoyed it.  Also my partner and I are very into Goodnight Sweetheart and are patiently waiting for Series 4 to arrive
at JB high fi.  You may already be aware of this but Revlon has a limited release Vintage lipstick of Fire and Ice, a classic
red. It is a lovely silver and gold case and the red is an orange tone.  I just thought at only $25 (in Myers and Dj’s) it is a bit more affordable for your debutantes than Estee Lauder’s lovely signature lipstick in the glam gold case (my favourite).

Thankyou again for all your inspiration, you are both absolutely lovely and wonderful

Love Justine

Aimee and I really wanted to say good-bye on Saturday but we had to do a tram run in heels, so had to (literally) dash. Thank you very much for all the great tips, tricks and fun – we’ve committed to starting some swing dance lessons asap and a regular girls night in for some r&r and to practice getting those up sweeps perfect!
Thanks again and hope your return journey is far less eventful,
Kind regards,
Brooke (and Aimee) x

Your workshop was my first which I hope / plan to be many.  I have had so many many comments regarding my ‘Marilyn Monroe’ hair style created by Miss Kim – I certainly have experienced Miss Chrissy’s comments of today about getting lots of looks and compliments.  I have mastered the ‘thankyou’ when not knowing what to say.  The three of you have all given me a new boast of confidence, so I thankyou from the deepest part of my heart. Kim Ness

Good morning Mistress Chrissy,

This is a short note to pass on my thanks for the wonderful workshop I attended on Saturday afternoon.  Please be sure to pass on my thanks to Mistress Kim for the lovely hairdo and Mistress Nada for all of her handy tips.  Thank you again ladies – it was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable event! Kind regards, Irene Wozniak


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Looking for a Hair Salon

that understands Vintage styles and cuts or maybe a Barber??  We are starting to compile a list.  Good ones are few and far between so if you hear of any then please feel free to pass on…

Heres a couple we’ve heard of:

SYDNEY – Ladies Hair Salon called “The Leopard Lounge.. Vintage Hair Salon” … – 0401017275 or;

Thanks Maddie for this one:

Thanks Maddie: I found the blog spot for the Sterling Hairdressing Parlour and Barber shop: or

BRISBANE:  A Barber for the Fellas I’ve heard is good…  Found a place in Morningside, the “Bare Bones Barbershop”

Beehive Hair & Nail Studio – Owned by Leanne Martin – Wife of Pete Martin of Corn Liquor – she wears vintage and knows how to do all eras from 40’s to 60’s from  Minimine Street Stafford QLD 4053 – (07) 3356 1933″

Recommended Bobbi Pins:

999 or 666 or Gorgski –

Kisses from the Mistresses xx

Thou Shalt Endeavour To Always Wear Red Lipstick

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The Best of Vintage Styling Workshops – Its a Hats On Affair

  Join us for this new workshops as you ready yourself for the Melbourne Cup Races..  It’ll be a Hats On Affair running two different and specific looks that will have you standing out in the crowd and be a real contender for Fashions on The Field. SATURDAY 3/11/18 as part of the Vintage Emporiums…


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Poise: the ability to be ill at ease inconspicuously. Earl Wilson Not everyone was born with poise, but anyone can learn it. With the right mentor and enough dedication, even the most awkward of us can change. What exactly is poise? It is a way of communicating to the world that you’re a lady of…


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