Greazefest Kool.. from Ordinary to Extraordinary in 30 mins with the Help of The Lindy Charm School for Girls

How to take an everyday Guy and Gal from the general public (whome we’d never seen) and make them into Greazefest Kool.. and we only had 30 mins to do it!

Miss Lori-Lee Cash set me the task of picking from over 30 applicants by email, a Guy and a Gal to be our Makeover Couple for a new presentation we were going to offer at Greazefest this year. (

As I said we received over 30 applications by email and most without any pictures so I was just going on their story.. It was a tough call as some of the emails were amazing and the story compelling but Dave and Kerensa (individually) struck a cord with us so they were chosen.  Seems our gut feel for right reasons worked and judging by the email of thanks from them both below we really did help make a difference to some ones life.  

Greazefest Makeovers

From Dave: 

To Miss Chrissy and all of you,   I just wanted express again my gratitude for making me remotely spunky today lol. I love the look, the atmosphere, the people, everything. I believe you guys have assisted me toward finding that world that makes you feel at home. I know it sounds cliché but you didn’t just help a man look good today, you made him feel worth it again. I cannot begin to express what this means to me but I hope y’all know what gems you are.  Keep rockin’Dave Merrick

From Kerensa: 

Hi Chrissy,  I would just like you to thank you and your girls again for such an amazing makeover. My friends and family were so excited to see the photos and loved the transformation.  I was even told I really suit the 1950’s style and should dress like that all the time! Even my kids didn’t recognise me. My daughter said she wants to get her make up and hair done just like me :). I will definitely be back to Greazefest next year and will be practicing my hair and make up. I may even enter the fashion parade!  Thank you again, the makeover was truly the best experience I have even been blessed to win and made me feel gorgeous.  Kerensa x


So, I say, it’s not just about lipstick, powder, paint and pomade, its about making a small effort and feeling great about yourself..  Yes, Looking good does make you feel better!

I have to thank Kimmy D from Western Wac ( for the Fabulous Freddies wardrobe for Kerensa
Bernie from Cowpunkabilly for the Vintage Western Threads for Dave (
The Lindy Charm School for Girls (Sammy and I) for Hair and Makeup and Do Rag and Sunnies and Tony The Quiffmaster for Daves Pomp…




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