Workshops coming up:


1.  Gold Coast – Saturday 15 July 2023 – 11am

2.  Melbourne (Frankston South) – Saturday 26 August 2023 – 11am

3.  Brisbane (Camp Hill) – Saturday 9 September 2023 – 10am

4.  Central Coast NSW (The Entrance) – Friday 27 October 2023 – 6pm – 9pm – A Part of Chromefest Festival

Email me to book in to any of the above:  [email protected]

$120pp – Limited to 10 Ladies

**  Bring:  hot rollers or hot sticks, brush, comb, bobby pins, hairspray & your makeup..  If you don’t have some of these things thats OK, I will have plenty to share..  Our Essential Setting Lotion will be on sale on the day also so bring your picket money**

**Check out our SHOP to book and find out what workshops are coming up**

Vintage Styling Workshops And Masterclasses

Covering Hair, Makeup and Styling from the 1920’s to the 1960’s through hands on Workshops.

Fancy a little old-school glamour? Let the Lindy Charm School Show you how to achieve these looks yourself through our series of hands on workshops.

In these workshops we will show you how to achieve that primped, preened and ready for a Mr Cecil B DeMille Close-up in no time! If you have ever dreamed of having that classic, vintage look but never knew how? Do you long for a bit of 1920’s Flapper Feel or perhaps a 1930’s Hollywood Starlet look or just pure 1940s classic glamour or even a 1950’s/60’s cheesecake, pin up or retro style? Miss Chrissy and her Team can help you.

Our workshops are hands on and cover a variety of easy to achieve Vintage Hairstyles and Makeup Looks whether you are a beginner or advanced, you are guaranteed to learn something new.

We hold a variety of different workshops across Australia regularly whether they are themed to one era or cover multiple eras, we change them up each time so you are always learning new things.   Workshops currently on offer can be found under our SHOP tab under workshops.

Our Hands On Vintage Hair and Makeup Workshops cover the following in whichever era the workshop is tailored.
* Easy Vintage styling for Everyday wear
* Specialising in 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s & 1960’s  Looks
* Faux Rolls
* Victory Rolls
* Pin Curls, Brush Outs and Pinning
* Do Rags, Scarves and Turban Tying
* Posture, Poise & Posing
** Yes it’s ALOT and Yes we usually run overtime**!
Email me: [email protected] to pay in cash or EFT
Mob: 0409727888
What to bring: DO NOT GO AN BUY ANYTHING SPECIAL.. We sell it all on the day … ***Plus you might find you only need certain things… bring what you have and we can build from there/
** Hairbrush, Comb, Bobby Pins, Hairspray, your usual makeup.

Private Lessons

Discover how to feel independently glamorous and individually chic

Armed with all the tools, tips and vintage tricks you need to reinvigorate your personal style, Chrissy will teach you step-by-step how to easily re-create glamorous vintage hair and make-up styles, and carry the chic tailoring of yesteryear with poise.

Learn from the experts how to flatter your best assets and unique beauty, through the timeless elegance of vintage styling.

Private Lessons can be arranged at her home based salon or on location to suit you.


Young Ladies Charm School – Primary Or Secondary Schools

Girlhood to Womanhood with confidence, style and grace
A Young Ladies Charm School workshop for 8 to 14 year olds

Better than Beauty… It’s a GUIDE to Charm

2 hour workshop covering such topics as:

  • Deportment & Posture
  • Confidence/Motivation
  • Communication
  • Social Etiquette/Netiquette
  • Hair Care & Styling
  • Skin Care & Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Charm, Style, Grace, Poise and the importance of…
  • Etiquette and Manners as they apply to today

Sitting in on Mistress Chrissy’s Young Ladies Charm School and Styling Workshop on the Gold Coast was an enriching experience, unlikely to be forgotten by any of its young 8-14 year old attendees.

Nervous schoolgirls filled the room, giggling, jittery and overflowing with wonder. Eagerly inspecting their new parlors, each little one delighted in an assortment of special adornments displayed to play with. Twirling flowers and squishing sponges, little feet playfully swinging under tables. Mistress Chrissy and Assistant Ronnie introduced themselves to the group, overwhelming the room with a buzz of excitement. The girls all squealed, eager to tiptoe into the unknown.
New friends began gently unraveling braids and the styling class began. “Did you know there are four ways to brush your hair?” Mistress Chrissy soothed. The girls looked at each other and giggled, shaking their heads with glee.

Untangled and exhilarated, the little miss’s stood to make their Charm School Oath. “We promise to pursue our passions and believe in our dreams… to give compliments away freely … and to use our charming powers for good…” This was a prominent underlying theme to the day, celebrating self-love, self-worth and a carefree attitude.
Faces were refreshed while Chrissy began inciting ideas about acceptance and frivolity. “Our inner beauty comes from saying yes to things- engaging in life, and having a kind heart. What does having a kind heart mean to you?” “Being caring,” “friendly,” “looking after yourself and every one else” were quickly chimed from the crowd.

Lightly dabbing moisturizing tints to their faces, young girls were taught about the benefits of sun protection from a young age and how blusher accentuates a healthy rosy cheek, best achieved by exercising. “Today we’re just having some fun and being a bit silly, practicing and trying new things. Makeup is only really for special occasions when you get bigger and only when Mum says it’s okay.”
A power-posing workshop was guided by Ronnie, demonstrating ways to prepare for an upcoming test or speech by feeling and appearing more confident within yourself. This was received with overwhelming joy by each of the girls.
Tips on beauty sleep, posture and best grooming practices were given while Miss Chrissy began styling each little ladies locks, to suit their individual hair type and personality. A flower for the free-spirited wild child in the room, a doo rag for the edgy girl exuding confidence and a pin curl for little miss with a classically sweet demeanor. Each hairstyle was intricately pieced together with impressive perfection and prowess.

The take home message for the day was one of grace and poise, to practice being the gentle breeze who floats into a room instead of a blustering cyclone. To be kind to others and take care of yourself. Oh, and to compliment another young lady on your way out.

Let's Work Together

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
and working together is success."Henry Ford


Welcome to The Lindy Charm School where we offer a wide range of styling, costuming, workshopping and corporate services. Headed by the ever-vivacious Mistress Chrissy, The Lindy Charm School is a multi-disciplinary creative events and vintage styling business driven by a rich affinity with a time before now.

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