I do know that I love you, And I know that if you love me, too, What a wonderful world this would be…. Sam Cooke

When I got the call from Amy to ask if I would be her Hair and Makeup Stylist for her wedding, we had heaps of time.. you know.. the time you usually get to share inspirations, images of frocks and accessories, colours, themes and ideas about how her Hair and Makeup would finish off and compliment the whole look.. you know, that time from when you decide to get married and when you walk down the aisle..  Well, as we have all just learnt, you never know what is around the corner and what change is gonna come (A Same Cooke Reference to their favourite singer – you’ll find out why later).  No deposits placed, no Pinterest board created, no trial dates in the diary.. A phone call out of the blue, “what are you doing in two weeks?”  We need to bring our wedding forward..  OK, we’ve got this…  my heart went out to Amy and Luka as the reasons for bringing their wedding forward so quickly was Lukas Dad was gravely ill.

Knowing all too well the short amount of time a loved ones has and how many a precious moments you want to share with them, I was all in and wanted to help make Amy’s lead up and day as calm and relaxed as I could for my part anyway.

Arriving at Amy’s pad, the tunes of Sam Cooke filled the room, an LP spinning on an old record player just created such a beautiful vibe and I knew this was going to be a special day for all, including us.  When I take on a wedding, it has to resonate with me, I have to connect with the bride as I get so invested.. Amy and I connected!

None of us banked on it being the hottest bloody day on the Gold Coast with 33 degrees and upwards of 80% humidity, it was indeed a sweat box as we got the girls ready in her apartment.  2 Fans and a whole lot of walking around in their knickers to cool down (Not us of course, that would have been weird!)..

Monique – My Makeup Artist working with me went through a full box of blot paper just to soak up the sweat as it poured down their faces, neck and backs..  It was hot!.  It was amazing the hair and makeup stayed and looked fabulous until then end of the night!  Well done team LCS! ha!

I asked Amy to share a bit of her journey with us…


How did you and Luka meet?

Tinder! A modern-day love story haha

What was the first impression/attraction?

On Tinder, my first impression was Luka didn’t belong on the dating app. He had set his profile song as ‘A Change is Gunna Come’ by Sam Cooke and that was actually the reason I swiped for him. I was the first to message him because I couldn’t believe someone like that was on there!

My first impression on our first date… He was wearing white shoes which is a deal breaker and I almost didn’t cross the road to the date because of this… harsh I know. However, we got along like a house on fire and his beautiful smile and amazing music taste made up for the awful shoes.

Who proposed to who and how?

Luka proposed to me in Auckland’s largest Record Store, Real Groovy. He got them to play our song ‘A Change is Gunna Come’ by Sam Cooke over the in-store PA, and he got down on one knee whilst I was in the middle of record shopping. It was surreal and the store manager filmed the whole thing! I was so hot and crying. We then went on to spend nearly $500 on records. Great day if I do say so myself.

When planning your wedding what were the highlights or the most challenging of things that happened?

Well, we decided to move our entire wedding from the 10thJuly, to the 7thFebruary on the 23rdJanuary 2021. Giving us only 2 weeks to make a wedding happen! We made the decision as my Father-in-law was terminally ill and we desperately wanted him there on our special day. This 2 weeks was an absolute rollercoaster and one day I was stressed beyond belief, and the next day I was having beautiful moments with my family. It was a life changing experience filled with both challenges and highlights.

What was the theme and inspiration for your wedding?

I would just say our wedding was ‘vintage’ inspired, as we had elements of 40s and 50s with our fashion choices, however we had cars from the 60s. I am obsessed with vintage and pin up glamour, and always knew I wanted a tea length dress, T-bar heels and bright red lips!

Who picked the bridal song and what was it?

Luka and I curated our wedding cues playlist together. We wanted to use ‘A Change is Gunna Come’ to tie everything together nicely, however we chose the Otis Redding cover of the song as we felt it had more of a wedding feel. My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to ‘Golden Hour’ by Kacey Musgraves, my sister walked our Dachshund ‘Winston’ down the aisle to ‘Beyond’ by Leon Bridges as he is one of my favourite artists and had to be included somewhere. Our First Dance song was ‘Beautiful Stranger’ by Halsey as she is one of Luka’s favourite artists.


When planning your wedding what was the most important component for you two?

For the day to be authentically us! We didn’t want to get married somewhere where we felt uncomfortable, which was most wedding venues if I am honest. When we walked into the Mobile Barbershop Depot for the first time, I remember we both just looked at each other and asked if we could put a deposit on the venue there and then! It was also important for us both to include our family in the day, and we found ways for all our siblings to be involved.


How did you come to choose The Lindy Charm School to be your hair and makeup stylists for your big day?

I have followed The Lindy Charm School and stalked Miss Chrissy’s work on Instagram for many years. In 2020 I started working for Cooly Rocks On and realized I would be working quite closely with Chrissy moving forward. It became evident that she was the only choice for me and my girls, and I booked her in mid that year. Chrissy exceeded my expectations, and I am still pinching myself that I looked the way I did.

What was one defining moment (I know they would’ve probably been many) at your wedding when you realised this is it and this is the happiest moment of my life?

There were so many moments, but my favourites are –

  • When the 1959 Dodge drove me inside the venue and all my friends and family watched me get out of the car, cheering and shouting. I felt like royalty!
  • Luka’s face when I walked down the aisle!
  • Seeing Luka’s Dad there enjoying himself, not stuck in a hospital bed was so special. We were able to get gorgeous family photos, and I even planted a massive red kiss on his cheek at the start of the ceremony!
  • When Ross from the Gold Coast Muscle Car Club surprised us with a convoy of 8 vehicles to lead us down to The Pink Hotel (where we were staying in Coolangatta). I couldn’t believe he organized that surprise for us and I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. It is something I will never forget.


Who cried?

Everyone! My Mum and Sister (one of my bridesmaids) were balling when I got out of the car, and then Luka cried so much when I walked down the aisle. I held it together until the speeches and then my Dad got me right in the feels. I knew I would cave when he spoke about how proud he was of us. I am a sucker for that kind of thing!

And lastly if you were to give advice to other young couples planning their wedding what would that be?

Be yourself! Do what YOU want! Make people feel special! And take a moment to just take it all in. The day goes SOOOO quickly.

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