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We met the boys who created Suavecito whilst we were in Vegas recently and they won us over with their pure honesty, humbleness and passion for their product, their creation and their life.   Ray had been using their products for awhile and loved them, and then once we started talking to friends, band members etc we found that this product really was a favourite for guys and gals alike so when the Suavecito boys offered us to stock it here at home, it was a no brainer.. So here we are…    

The Lindy Charm School for Girls and Suave School for Gents is proud to be the stockist for the full range of Suavecito Products including the awesome, sexy, smokey smelling Bay Run..mmmm..  Anyway.. Pop over to our products page and pick yourself up some products for your man or fellas you can now shop for yourselves!!  We will also put together a full range discount pack soon …So stay tuned.

This is an exerpt from them which really sums up the boys behind the brand: 

The company began at the height of an economic crash that left many industries devastated and people’s wallets a bit lighter. We, too, were not spared. With a severance check in hand and the commitment to never have to depend on the government for an unemployment check, we spent the money on an industry that was starving for a great product that is completely made and manufactured in the USA at a price that is actually reasonable.

Keep more money in your pocket. Invest in a company that is not about the fake glamour of life and instead in one that looks to be honest and equal. Awesome scent, great holds for all hair types, incredible price, and great service!

Join the resistance.

What is Pomade:  Suavecito Pomade is water-soluble, yet holds tight like a wax and shines like a grease pomade. Thanks to modern science, pomades have evolved while leaving behind the grease stained pillow cases and hair damaging degreasers that are required to remove these old pomades.

Traditionally, pomade is a greasy and waxy substance that is used to style hair. Pomade makes hair look slick, neat and shiny. Unlike hair spray and hair gel, petroleum-based pomades do not dry well and often require several washes to remove.

Pomade is most notably used for hair styles such as pompadours, slick-backs and side parts. Suavecito’s line of water soluble pomades offer the ability to produce the same hair styles as gel without the nasty side effects of drying out your hair and the creation of dandruff and flakes. Suavecito’s water-based pomade has an adjustable and re-combable hold. When applying our pomade, the damper your hair, the lighter the hold will be. Likewise, the dryer your hair, the stronger the hold will be. These features make our pomades a “must have” hair styling tool.

As for the affects that our great world-famous scent has on people, well, we will just save that for another time.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Suavecito.. For Guys and Gals!!”

  1. I live in Australia and purchased a tub of their pomade online a couple of weeks ago and used it for the first time the other day, after it arrived from the States.

    I’ve always used the Hawley’s range when it comes to Pomades – I have also tried Upper Cut Deluxe – and this stuff is just as good as the more well-known brands that have been around for a while.

    Will I be purchasing Suavecito Pomade again? – Definitely!

  2. I’ve been using Suavecito for roughly a year now. I used to use Layrite, but I noticed someone raving about Suavecito on a blog site so I thought I’d give them ago. Countless tubs of pomade, shaving creme, bottles of Bay Rum, combs and t-shirts later…I still buy their stuff. The guys are super nice and the product is amazing.



  3. Hi,I was looking at stocking suavecito range and came across your page.
    I would like to get in contact with someone,I own a barber shop at
    Wellington point called bigbossbarbershop I’m always on the lookout
    for the next best thing to be different from my competitors
    I’ve been cutting for just over 20 years now and was taught by some of Australia’s best barbers before they retired,last year I won best hairdresser in the Redlands, hope to win again this year.”be a leader,not a follower”.
    Thanks from Americo Medina

    1. Thank you Americo for your email and interest in stocking Suavecito. Can you please email me with a list of products you would look at stokcing and I will send you through a Stockist price list for them. Til then,

      Chrissy & Ray
      Email: [email protected]

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