NEW PRODUCTS: Vintage Style Jewellery for Modern Day Kittens – Just in time for Christmas, What do you think?

NEW PRODUCTS: Vintage Style Jewellery for Modern Day Kittens – Just in time for Christmas

Hurrah for beautiful, happy Summer! AND, New Products.   We just love the warmth, colour and optimism that arrives at the end of Winter. Adding to our ever popular Charming Range we no offer exclusive Fakelite items, the Flora range has been designed to convey the colour, beauty and delicateness of the new flowers of the season.

These lovely carved beads, bangles, brooches and earring are designed to add a little colour, emulating the true vintage carved Bakelite style.

Please note, all our items are hand made so while we make them as similar we possibly can, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.

Please note, we have only introduced a small sample of the range to test the waters of popularity with our Loyal Charm School Followers.  If they take off , we will invest in further designs and colours.

This fabulous “Fakelite” jewellery range is directly inspired by the original and highly collectable Bakelite jewellery designs popular from the 1920s until the 1950s. Pair a richly coloured set with a pair of our Retro/Vintage and Deco Inspired Sunglasses by Catch A Thief  and a coordinating vintage frock for maximum fashion impact – All available on our website here.

What is Fakelite?

Designed to look like original vintage Bakelite jewellery, we try and make our fakelite look as close to the real thing as we possibly can. Each item is hand carved which, alongside the marbling effect we use, means no two items are the same and, We reckon that’s pretty cool!


If there’s one thing that gives a real true vintage look to your outfit, it’s a good stack of bangles. Our fakelite is the most realistic out there and we have such a wide range of colours, we reckon you might struggle to choose your favs! and, you can create a stack to match the original bakelite patina colours or you can have a stack of bangles closer to the brighter new bakelite colours.  Make a massive stack then jangle around to your heart’s content!


One of our favourite items to wear is a great vintage style necklace. We like to go for contrasting or accent colours to add a bit of zing to your look. Whack on anything from simple beads to a full on show stopper and it really sets off any outfit. Go on, give it a bash.



To create a complete look, you definitely need the perfect earrings to complement your outfit (and fakelite stack obvs). We do a range of earrings in vintage style hoop and drop shapes in loads of colours.


PC:  All Images Supplied by Splendette
Not sure what to get your gal pal/loved one for Christmas?  What not grab one of these gift voucher christmas bundles and wrap it up with a handmade card with love and give to her.  OR, you can also just do a $$ Value standard Gift Voucher and let her choose for herself the product or services she would like?

Sound Like A Plan?  I’d say it’s an easy  (genuine, heart felt & thoughtful) gift choice..


Til next time,
Stay Charming Lovelies!
xx Miss Chrissy xx

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