The Art of Seduction – Part 6

 The power of perfume cannot be overestimated. Marilyn Monroe famously slept wearing nothing other than Chanel Number Five.

 Despite the million dollars spent by the perfume industry to convince us otherwise the most effective aroma that a woman can have is her own.  Although totally dreary and far from romantic, Pheremones (your natural smell)  are nature’s love drug and if you smell particularly appealing to a man, it suggests that you’ll be a good mother for his children.

 Perfume has been instrumental through history from Cleopatra who saturated her body and clothes in incense fumes to help enslave men.  To more practical uses like scented handkerchiefs and pots around the house to make things smell better during the plague or when raw sewage ran through the streets of London.

 Ensuring that you smell good is paramount for your confidence, however, a true seductress makes sure her surroundings smell as sweet as she does.  Try these tricks to boost your boudoir’s passion potential: .  Sprinkle few drops perfume or oil on a light bulb or radiators

                                                .  Use scented spray on the ironing

                                                .  Use incense or oil burners

                                                .  Scented roses or flowers around the house

                                                .  Perfume on written letters or invitations.

                                                .  Scented satin sheets

                                                Spray scent ‘Wherever one wants to be kissed’ – Coco Chanel

 Wear your best lingerie, whether it be lace, silk or satin, bras, corsets, stockings & garters but make sure it conceals as much as it reveals.  Men like to be teased rather than see everything on display

 True seduction is about overwhelming his senses with desire for you –  It’s a dirty trick, but all’s fair in love and war.

 Source:  “Things a woman should know about seduction” by Emily Dubberley

A really unique gift for say at a hens gathering is to engage someone like Fleurage (An exquistite perfumery in Melbourne) to create The Brides own personal scent by you all choosing the ingredients .   This is a custom steeped in tradition as a tribute to the Bride from her sisters as they wish her well on her new life journey. Each woman offers their insight into who the bride is and the perfumer designs a perfume that represents all of her qualities. This perfume is then created by each contributor as part of the ‘Hens’ celebration.

If this ideas has got you thinking then email me for further details or contact Emma Leah direct..






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