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swingin-the-new-yearHappy New Year!!  Ray and I hope you are all looking forward to a Swinging 2014 full of energy, learning, fun and growth with us..

Below are the details of when classes will be starting back, we hope to see you all there and also encourage you to invite your friends, family and work colleagues to Swing On In and joint he fun… ALL CLASSES (except Tamborine which will start a week later)  commence back:  


Here is the Ad that will be placed through FB and around different news mediums..  We would dearly LOVE your assistance in putting up flyers, distributing in your local areas and especially up in school and universities … Please email [email protected] and we will arrange to get A5 flyers to you…  If there are any printers amongst us and can assist with printing of flyers, don’t be shy *Wink* .

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The Swing On In Facebook Page has reached 617 as at today so that is awesome and the more likes we get the more free dissemination of information about Swing Dancing we have so its a good thing!  Again, feel free to invite others to like and share and grow with us…

We are also excited to bring you our first workshop for the year..  One of the most important ingredients to being a super swing dancer (or in fact any type of dancer) is to have great musicality and awesome connection and the ability to be the best follower and then throw in your own flavour to the dance (that would be your improvisation!)  and you will be shining on that social dance floor.  This workshop is specifically targeted to enhances those skills.  Sam Foster is not a swing dancer, rather he is an acclaimed Actor, International Movement Coach, Stuntman and Yoga Master.  This class will be held at our place and is limited to only 10 couples so first in Best Connected.  Email [email protected] to book in.

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Ray has just returned from a weekend Jazz workshop at Swing Camp Oz and although could only do the one day (Due to his ankle injury he never lets heal!!) he still came away with some great new energy and ideas.  Jazz should never be underestimated in it incredible value to any dancers experience.  Over 100 in each class… Yep, it was intense!

Ray and I have just finished registering for Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden in July and barring any unforseen setbacks with my sister to stop us from going, we will be off in July to the Mother of all dance camps and the Mecca for all Swing Dancers … something we have been trying to achieve for 15 years..  James Harvey from our Broadbeach Class is also coming with us..  Not to late to register…. Click on the link above and check it out.  We are registered for Week Two..

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Tara and Warren have been asked to Join out new Teaching Team as we grow and they have accepted..  You will see them step up in the near future and start to take the Beginners Classes around town .. Be Nice to them!  They will totally be awesome and we are excited that we can start to bring up new leaders into the scene..  More to come! They are creating a great little social dancing Vibe down at the Ewingsdale Hall every couple of months, you must try and get down there for the next social – Swingin In the Bay as its a great night!

Talking about awesomness and new leaders, (I need my head read at times I wonder!) … I said I wanted to start a demo troupe …  I put it out there and 12 very enthusiastic students put there hand up, trusting I had an idea of what I was even going to to!!  silly them!, Anyway, Ray and I being the team we are put our passion and committment into coming up with something that was simple and effective striking but not over the top for our new fledgling Swing On In Dance Troupe..  The team has been meeting twic a week for the past couple of weeks and … Well… WOW… They are SO Good.. These guys have been dancing less than a year once a week! and now (well soonish) they will present to you what they are doing and we could not be prouder.  Actually, I haven’t told them but I already have a Debut for them …  It will be low key and not open to the public primarily because it will be at the Womens Prison…  Not quite the Johnny Cash Folsham Prison Experience but am sure the inmates will be just as appreciative! 

Just a final mention of THANKS for one of our wonderful leaders, a behind the scenes guy who is so proactive in helping to grow our scene and loved by all, Thanks Uncle Brian for all you do!

OK, enough rambling for me today, I must get on to my next task!  We look forward to seeing all your amazing faces back at class 1st week of Feb.

Til then,

Swingin Regards,
Chrissy & Ray xx
Remember:  It T’aint what you do… it’s the way that you do it!!!


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