A Most Epic Fashion Show by The Lindy Charm School – Celebrating 1959 – 1989

Hi there, wanted to share something I did last weekend which I am super proud of..  Have a peek:

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee – The City of Gold Coast’s 60th Birthday, The Lindy Charm School was asked to procure a Fashions Through Time Show..  With an idea and then enlisting the enthusiastic Swing On In Dancers, our EPIC Fashion Show was born!

From Buddy Holly to Sid vicious and everything in between! and Yes there was an appearance from Richard Simmons!! I can honestly say I have not been so excited about putting together a fashion show ever as I have been for this one.. It was EPIC! There are 27 fabulous cast and crew from SWING On In involved in putting together a most stupendously fabulous show of music, fashion and dance! Thos that came to watch the show were not disappointed.

Here are the team prior to show:

Fashions through time have always been about shape, major social changes, radically different ideals and values germinating for several years in the free world burst forth in the late 50’s.

1959, The Gold Coast was born, Barbie made her debut, the Australian King of Rock n Roll was Johnny O’Keefe and he was dominating the charts with “Shout”. 1959 we also lost one of our greatest singing legends – Mr Buddy Holly. This post war revival was full of colour, glamour and once again accentuating the feminine shape… and yes.. .. DANCING! Rock n Roll of course!. The emphasis for the Gold Coast was on frivolity, long summers and the beach culture.


The 1960’s – youth cults and fantasy dressing:

This New Youth Culture, which dominated fashion and style conscious living, intensified as the 60’s progressed and continued to spread its free thinking, free spirited, experimental attitudes. It is difficult to overstate the sheer uninhibited fun and excitement of fashion from this time. It was unlike anything known before or since. Man landed on the moon, Aboriginal women won the right to vote , Vietnam was raging, Beatlemania was sweeping the world, AND Birth control pills hit the market. Entre the Mini Skirt made famous in Australia when model Jean Shrimpton dared to bare her legs at the Melbourne Cup, Gogo Dancing was the rage and our own Gold Coast Icon Paula Stafford gifts us the Bikini AND THE Gold Coast Meter Maid Scheme commenced with Annette Welch being the first bikini-clad meter maid.

Fashion – always a reflection of the times – the 1970’s threw away the rulebook, fantasy took over and a successesison of the pop age looks followed.

The war in Vietnam ended. Gold Coast’s first theme park opened and high rises were on the rise..Iconic buildings such as the Pink Poodle and Illuka were now a part of Gold Coasts colourful history. Maxi Dresses, Bell Bottoms, Safari Suits, Turle Necks and the Punk Movement were all the trends.. Feminism was making waves and the Hustle was popular on the disco floor. From Powerhouse Women to dancing safari suits and the Sex Pistols, the 1970’s was about exploring it all and doing it in flamboyant style.

The 1980s were a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes—permed hair included.

With trends spanning from ripped tights and leather to polished oversized blazers to fluro colours and aerobic outfits … Yes.. (The original active wear) and style icons ranged from Joan Jett to Joan Collins, it was one of the most eclectic decades in fashion. the 1980’s was all about big shoulder AND BIG HAIR. The Gold Coast Airport opened, the Pac Man game was released, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston ruled the music charts. Kylie Minogue and Neighbours started their rise to fame.



Want to hire us to add come colour to your show?  Email:  [email protected]

Thank you to the following for making it all possible and so much fun:

Michelle Bartle Smith – Hairdresser – Cocomousse Hair
Ray Keepence – Sound Engineer
Christine Rendenius from Remember When for some costumes and backstage dressing
April Blyth for Back Stage Dressing
Laura Woollcott for BackStage Assistance
Christopher Knight from The Australian Buddy Holly Show – Singer
Sarah Smith – 1950’s Do Wop Dancer & Audrey Hepburn
Alana Wilkie – Our 1950’s Rock n Roll Prom Queen & Audrey Hepburn
Lachlan – Our 1950’s Rock n Roll Bad Boy
Lucy Davenport – 1950’s Baby Doll
Tina Louise – 1950’s Beach Babe and 1970’s Power Woman and Hustler
Shamus Crum – 1950’s Beach Babe & Our 80’s Hero
Nick – 1950’s Beach Babe & Our 80’s Hero
Harrison & Darcy DB – Our 1950’s Kids and Handjivers
Amanda DB – Our Lead 60’s Go Go Dancer
Monique Galvin – 60’s Go Go Dancer and 1970’s Power Woman
Amanda Jane – 60’s Bikini Model/Go Go Dancer
Kerri Bartlett – 1970’s Power Woman and Hustler
Ian Cooke – 1970’s Head Hustler
David McBride – 1970’s Hustler
Troy Galvin – Sid Vicious – Sex Pistols Punk
Carlo DB – Richard Simmons
Karin Von Behrens – 1980’s Goddess looking for her Hero
Me:  Emcee/Host/Curator

xx Chrissy  (This is my favourite 1970’s original two piece (French designer name escapes me), It’s does 70’s and 30’s perfectly and the colour is to die for!)

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