Boobies to Jesus is her Motto….

When I met Krystal she was teaching footy players in her Darwin Burlesque Studio called “Secret Womens Business” how to walk in heels, squat and work on core.. Next you hear her booming her sweet voice to a room full of women saying: “Boobies to Jesus Girls” getting them to posture up and walk with pride.. (I was in Darwin conducting Vintage Styling Workshops at her Studio) 5ft nothing and never seen without high heels, this pocket rocket is un-ashamedly Christian, a women who is proud of her body, a doting Mum and life soul partner to her man Stu. She loves to garden in the nude and sends messages frequently about hope and love. I knew instantly that I would love this gal and we became great friends.

When Krystal called and said she had met the man of her dreams and was moving to Qld and getting married, she asked if I would be her MUAH for her and her bridal party. I was not in a super great place at the time with just losing Mum and a year earlier losing my little Sister Elisha and also my Dad BUT, Krystal is a breath of fresh air and beaming with hope, a force you cannot say no to! I remember her wedding day was bang smack in the middle of Cooly Rocks On where we had been paid to perform the Hokey Pokey (Yes in our Togs) and my dear friend (Miss Tina Von Squeeze) and I had to run from the performance to the bungalow to prep the girls for the wedding in a few hours time! Whew! She warned me that her hair was ruined from a bad experience from a hairdresser recently so we did not have much to work with but it turned out better than she imagined it could and I remember her saying.. My Lord Chrissy, you can work magic out of nothing!

One thing is for sure, no matter what you are feeling inside at the time, doing MUAH for a bride is a beautiful, happy, blessed gift and you cannot help but enjoy it immensely! and that we did… We laughed, we cried and we created magic! Her Dad who is her best friend and rock n roll dance partner gave her away and her 1st born “Maximus” was allowed to dress how he wanted so a super hero costume it was!

Did I mention Krystal was a devout Christian and that I was still grieving.. Well, unorthodox I know, but Krystal sent everyone out of the room, and with only a veil and a white G String on, she sits me down and asks if she could pray for me. Dropping to her knees and praying over me I was overwhelmed.. the tears flowed and as I looked out over the water I felt the grief of that day float out to sea. I felt my Mum beside me and I felt Krystal’s prayers and love with every part of my body. A sensation, a blessed experience I will treasure forever. Her sister, snuck in a took these cheeky snaps and I’m so glad she did as they are a snapshot of a precious moment shared! Once that moment was over we celebrated.. we laughed and we danced!

Nowadays Krystal has swapped her high heels for gum boots (unless of course she is leaving the farm) and has the cutest little boutique farm in Canungra with her two cheeky monkey boys and her dapper husband Stu.. When I pop in she is usually covered in some kind of animal, be it chooks, potty calfs or pigs, she is alway busy doing something, creating something and always making someone feel special. Her next adventure is to get back into teaching Burlesque to the local country women and also open up her own country and western vintage shop.

MUAH: Chrissy, The Lindy Charm School
Pics: Candid by family

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The boudoir shoot especially felt really empowering… Jess

I first met Jess when she Swung In to Swing On In from Canberra, hit the dance floor and wowed us with her effortless Lindy Hop, her dancing smile and her warmth.  Jess, being a school teacher, had to go where the work was,  so unfortunately we did not get to keep her long BUT…


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