From the Desk of Miss Chrissy – Melbourne Cup Preperations

From the Desk of Miss Chrissy

Do you cut a great shape ladies?   This is something to keep in mind when you are preparing your outfit for the races.  The hat, the shoulders, the waist, the hips, the knees and yes even the ankles must all be working together to create the best silhouette for you.  Did you know that the “perfect hourglass figure” is actually when the waist is 10 INCHES smaller that the bust and the hips?  It’s not about being 36-24-36 -it could be any number, just like our age, as long as it is in proportion.    If your outfit is put together properly, starting with the correct foundation garments which actually help to create that shape, then you are flying out of the starting gates!

In addition to your outer beauty as exemplified by your attire, hair & make up, you must now work on your inner beauty. This needs to shine forth, reflected in your charm, your enjoyment , your conduct and etiquette. Lets now explore some do’s and don’ts enabling you to put your best, elegantly shod foot forward and charm that inner racing circle..
Quotes from The British School of Conduct for Racing
“The racecourse creates its own ‘social micro-climate’, characterised by a highly unusual combination of relaxed inhibitions and exceptional good manners”

“The Code of Chivalry: Behaviour towards women, in all enclosures, follows an unwritten code of old-fashioned chivalry. At the races, all women are treated as ‘ladies’. This code does not prevent racegoers from engaging in mate-selection, courtship and seduction rituals, but it does ensure that females feel safe, protected and respected”

The Rules of Etiquette, The Art of Decorum and Never failing to observe the Proprieties: 
Here are just a few of the important tips to abide by on race day:

·         Do be well prepared, relaxed, elegant, graceful, feminine & gracious at all times
·         Do always stand and don’t talk during the National Anthem
·         Do always talk politely & maintain eye contact with the person with whom you are conversing
·         Do include gel pads in shoes for tired feet – as wearing shoes on wrists is unacceptable
·         Do carry a handkerchief in your purse as well as a compact, make up touch up kit. Dry flaky lipstick and a sweaty forehead are unattractive
·         Do carry a handy perfume to stay fragrant throughout day
·         Do carry double sided tape for strapless / low cut dresses, wayward straps & hats
·         Do accept and offer a compliment with genuine grace – They say, “A genuine compliment will suffuse the recipient with positive feelings, and oils the wheels of social intercourse”
·         Don’t swear or cuss or be overly loud, even if your sure fire winner fails to finish
·         Don’t drink your beverage from a can or bottle, rather hold your champagne or cocktail glass by stem not the bowl
·         Don’t sit or stand inappropriately so as to expose your undergarments
·         Don’t get so intoxicated that you need lean on someone or something, this is not how a lady rests:

And, finally, if you’re somebody’s guest, remember your manners and don’t forget that all-important thank you letter afterwards.

Charm is something unique and personal to you as an individual. At The Lindy Charm School, we teach all of our students traditional & modern tips and techniques to enhance their natural beauty through great presentation, poise and etiquette. It is not about having the biggest personality that overshadows everybody else nor is it about being the funniest, smartest or most knowledgeable person. It embodies many qualities – warmth, wit, the ability to converse with others, enthusiasm, empathy, affability, ease, & style. It is certainly not formulaic. I think the most important thing to remember is to be yourself at all times – remember no-body is better qualified. Once you become entirely comfortable within your own skin, you become comfortable with everyone around you & everything else falls into place. Have a great day’s racing & remember-   these tips will produce a winner every time!

Til then,

Kisses from the Mistress xx

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