#KnowAskAct…… Do you know the Symptoms? Have you asked? Would you Act?


Hi Ladies, Most of you know my family history and the fact that we lost our baby sister  ELISHA NEAVE STORY  just 2 years ago on 30th April to Ovarian Cancer at just 34 years of age.   The Gene Curse – 60 Minutes.  All the women in my family (immediate & extended) are BRCA II positive and that we have lost our Mother (1 year ago), Grandmother, Great Grandmother, A few Great Aunts etc to Breast or Ovarian Cancer.  My Aunt also has BC and is fighting a great fight. I also went through my own cancer journey last year and can thankfully say I’m OK.  I wonder if this is because I made the very big, very daunting, and some would say, drastic step to have my 2 healthy breasts and all my internal girly bits removed?  One will never know.  You can only take the knowledge that you have and make the decisions right for you in your life.  My Sister Veronica also made the same decision as me and has had the same prophylactic surgeries in the hope to break the BRCAII mortality curse on our family and be around for a very long time for her own family.

With all the knowledge we had for our BRCAII diagnosis (focusing on Breast Cancer mainly) we were still blindsided by Elisha’s eventual diagnosis (too late as it were).  Elisha was presenting to her local GP for 6 weeks with the very typical 4 signs of Ovarian cancer (Below) and still her diagnosis was missed, instead she was treated for compacted bowel and constipation.  Now, (in hindsight) had we been more aware on the typical signs and taken more control over asking for a 2nd opinion etc would she still be here?  we will never know BUT we do know that we would have had her in treatment 3 months earlier .  Our Doctors are amazing and can’t possibly know everything BUT we can help by being more in control and aware of our own bodies and asking for more from them or even getting 2nd and 3rd opinions.  Read on for some valuable information to help you be more aware, have the power of knowledge, the will to ask and the strength to act. With an abundance of love, Miss Chrissy xxx

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This Sunday, May 8th, Mothers Day, is also “World Ovarian Cancer Day – (WOCD) and the Ovarian Cancer Council of Australia have ask me to come on board and help share the message and the awareness by sharing our family story. As a family, very early on in our journey, we had the discussion about being so open to the public about our journey then and too come.  As a family, we all decided that we could do more for raising awareness and helping to save lives by sharing our story, our pain, our discoveries, our small triumphs and our knowledge by opening up our lives and our journey for all to see.  This has been quite confronting and taxing on us all individually at times but we never considered closing up and shutting out the media or public, as we saw and heard every day of miracles, messages of thanks and how it has made a difference to the awareness and to getting people to be more vigilant, to #KnowAskAct

This WOCD, we are encouraging the community to #KnowAskAct when it comes to ovarian cancer.

  • Whether or not you have a family history or have been diagnosed, it’s vital you KNOW about ovarian cancer. Know the symptoms, genetic risks, statistics, other women’s stories, and how you can help.
  • If you think there is the slightest chance you have ovarian cancer, you need to ASK. Ask about your family history, and your doctor about your risk, symptoms and testing.
  • With no one test, ovarian cancer is often detected when it’s advanced. You have to ACT. Act on your family history, your doctor’s diagnosis, by sharing information to empower others and by donating.

Know the symptoms?:  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

  • Abdominal or pelvic pain.
  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating.
  • Needing to urinate often or urgently.
  • Feeling full after eating a small amount.

Want to know more about GENETIC TESTING?


Of the 1,480 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Australia every year only 43% will survive five years post-diagnosis. Ovarian Cancer Australia works to raise awareness, provide support, advocate on behalf of women living with the disease, facilitate high-impact research and empower women to #KnowAskAct.

We need your help today to support women affected by ovarian cancer.

  • $300 will contribute to high-impact research conducted in the area of ovarian cancer
  • $150 will send a woman with ovarian cancer to a free information session
  • $100 will provide support and information via our online forum
  • $55 will provide a newly diagnosed woman with a Resilience Kit, a free guide for women living with ovarian cancer

Donate today.


Find out more and purchase tickets from https://danceforovariancancer.com.au/index.html.

For more details about the Australia Wide WOCD events. please visit our Facebook page or website.




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  1. My mum died of ovarian cancer at the age of 50,diagnosed at 46 and a older relation had breast cancer.i had genetic counselling but was unable to be tested as never of these are aluve,so as i streesed so much about this and every symptom i panicked, i too seek advice from a gynecologist oncologist and had prophylactic surgery.it was an easy decision but a huge devision as it sent me straight in to menopause.but that was a year and a half ago and to this dsy i would go through menopause anyday than know that i had ovarian cancer and a short life span.i promote this cause and symptoms also.

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