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James is oneIMG_4919 of our most up and coming “Swing On In” Swing Dancers for 2013 and is Cheeky, Delightful, Dapper, a Gentlemen and posseses  his own individual style..

OWNING your own style and being super confident in how you dress is certainly a plus for the guys, gives you an edge that just isn’t here in fellas that don’t make the effort or haven’t got the confidence to pull off the image they’d like to.. 

James is also an avid user and supporter of our new Suavecito Range of mens products (Used by women also!) .. Swear by them and has the whole range…  He not only looks good but smells good to boot!  Why not start you new year with a new Grooming regime and get yourself some Suavecito today!  Suavecito Range

Enjoy getting to know this Dapper Gent a little more….


Name: James Reginald Harvey

Age: 21

Starsign: Aries

Hobbies: Landscaping, Cricket, Fishing, People-watching, Collecting watches, Dancing

Likes: Well-dressed people, watches, days on the beach with friends, music, a good psychological thriller, lady-finger bananas

Dislikes: Feeling under-dressed, walnuts, rudeness, stress, Cavendish bananas

What’s your favourite all time inspirational quote?

“There are two things in life about which you shouldn’t worry: things you can fix and things you can’t”

What, for you, epitomises the very essence of a Suave Gent?

A Suave Gent should be well-dressed, well-spoken and humble. He should be courteous and polite to men and women alike.

What do you consider to be the absolute key essential to being Suave?

Grooming! By this, I mean how one behaves (a result perhaps of their up-bringing) and how one looks after themselves. This takes a bit of effort at the start, but after a while it becomes effortless.

What 3 items of clothing would you rescue if your wardrobe was on fire?

My favourite pair of shoes for one; they’re old wine-coloured brogues that I’ve worn so much, the soles are paper-thin. I’d also rescue my watch collection which I hide in there and a brown leather belt I’ve had for ages!.

What 3 lessons would you/will you teach your son/nephew/boy child if you could?

I will teach him to be polite, courteous and most importantly, to be honest.

Excuse me Mam/Miss? Or Hey Lady?

Excuse me Miss.

Do you feel comfortable opening doors, offering right or way and pulling out a chair etc for ladies or has that time past?

Yes. In fact, I feel uncomfortable letting an opportunity to do so pass by; if there’s a chance to be chivalrous, I’ll take it. If there’s a chance to tell the lady she looks pretty too, I’ll do so.

Are you wary when offering an innocent compliment to a lady if you do know know them? And why?

I’m certainly wary because ‘innocent’ compliments can easily be mistaken for a pass if not delivered properly. I’ve started to offer more and more compliments to ladies of late; of course, I still hesitate do so and get nervous, but I’m finding it easier than I used to. You can’t go wrong with tell a lady she looks ‘lovely’, ‘pretty’ or complementing her on an item of clothing; but don’t get too personal. When someone compliments me, it makes my day… Why not do the same for someone else?

To dance or not to dance?

That is the question? To dance of course!

Do you think a grooming/suave subject should be reintroduced/included in today’s school curriculum?

No, I think it should be taught at home.

What do you think about this saying from Havelock Ellis: Charm is a women’s strength just as strength is a man’s charm.

I think it’s interesting, but ultimately I think it sells both parties short. I believe a strong woman can also be charming; a woman who, for example, is sure of herself, confident and independent. By the same token, man’s charm shouldn’t stem only from his strength, but more importantly from his wit and his sensitivity. All they both need I suppose, is strength of character and a nice smile.

Do you own or have you ever worn flip flops/thongs?

I sure do, I was born and raised in Queensland!

Do you think chivalry is dead?

Not so long as I’m alive!

Are manners still as important today?

Yes, they’re more important now than ever.

What do you define as essential/basic etiquette for men?

Being honest; a ‘man’ should be honest with himself and others.

Who are the fashion influences that helped define your look?

Watching Boardwalk Empire of late, but a love of Bob Dylan’s style in the 60’s is where it really started for me.

Who would win the girl, The charmer with Wit or the Power with Money?

The Charmer with Wit would win my type of girl, although I’m sure many others would be attracted by money. Wit is interesting and stimulating. A good joke makes you laugh, makes you happy; something that money can do only for a short while.

What is your classic favourite car?, what would you drive if you could?

A red and white Rover Mini. These were the last of the classic-looking Mini’s before BMW started making them. 

Thanks James! x

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