A Guest Post from the Gorgeous Miss Lily White…Never one to be “On Trend”

Beauty, brains, wit and a smashing smile.. Miss Elyan Shotbolt, AKA Miss Lily White, is one of those wonderful freaks of nature that is not only beautiful, clever but has a super warm heart.  I asked her recently if she would be grace my website with some of her fashion insight to share with you all…  That’s her on the left….

orig v repro dress

 orig v repro dress: I’m wearing a dress I made using fabric from a 1960’s original, with a reproduction Coolie hat by Vintage Designs.  Vienne Rose is wearing a dress by Lucky 13 and turban that she made herself.

I’ve studied fashion and design and I am a serious Fashions on the Field networker, only I’m different. I am deadset against being “on trend.” 

Embracing the art of 40’s and 50’s beauty and poise, no matter what I do or where I go, there is also a touch of vintage glamour in everything I wear. In a world filled with fluro mini dresses and bad underwear, my love of a vintage touch has become my trademark and it’s the only way I present.   I am often asked how I incorporate a vintage touch into today’s world, so here are my personal 
Top 5 Tips for Incorporating Vintage into the Modern Woman’s World:

Original v’s reproduction vintage:
Original vintage is just beeeautiful and I seriously love to look at the inside and soak up the history of the designer label, see if there’s a Worker’s Union tag, and gasp at the fine handiwork and the way it’s manufactured, (and call me a freak, but I also like the smell of it..) however, you don’t need to wear an original vintage garment to get “the look.”
There are fantastic reproduction labels around now, which opens up a whole new world to women of all shapes and sizes! I have often fooled people with my repro dresses!  Don’t be afraid to go repro, they are much easier to care for, there’s a great size range, and it doesn’t have to be kept as a special occasion dress because the fabric has endured 60 years of wear and you’re worried about ripping it!
Wear what suits your lifestyle AND BODY SHAPE: Consider what you’re doing that day, you want to look and feel fantastic (and my biggest tip: look at the weather, Heaven knows how many people I’ve flashed on a windy day *cringe*.) There are so many different options; full skirts, pencil skirts, pants, dungarees, the list is endless. Be practical.

Consider your body shape:
Do not ever wear something because everyone else does or because the zip does up!  Those are NOT guidelines to looking good!  Look at your body and be honest.  Every woman is beautiful and every woman has great assets, but you have to do yourself a favour and wear what accentuates your assets. For example:  Not everyone can wear high-waisted pants, it’s sad, but true.  Just because the zip does up, does not mean it works. I am short waisted and no matter what colour, what size, what brand I have tried on, high-waisted pants are just not my friend.. unless I am going for the “tuck your armpits into your pants” look.

Don’t be afraid of hats! Personally I am a hat lover, and if it’s a simple beret, then there are usually flowers in my hair too. You don’t need to look like you’re attending a Melbourne Cup luncheon, I’m just saying don’t miss out on an opportunity to wear one! You’ll be surprised how many people will compliment a lovely hat on just an average day! And there is no such thing as “hats don’t suit me.” Like with any hairstyle, lipstick colour or dress, you just have to find the right one AND know how to wear your hair around it.

wearing a hat

This is an original hat I borrowed from my friend Vienne and styled my hair around.  Leihla thought it was great!

Seamed hosiery is beautiful, and certainly has a classic elegance about it. However, don’t forget about all the wonderful fishnets, fence nets, crochet, flocked and printed options now available! There are so many colours and patterns available. I am all for pattern mixing! It’s a way of putting your own spin on vintage class.

My only hosiery rule is: hosiery with a peep toe shoe is ok, IF it’s a fishnet, or decorative stocking (ie crochet, patterned or the like) but it’s NEVER ok if it’s a sheer panty hose with a peep toe shoe. Take a look at celebrities, they have this rule.
Hair and makeup: As far as I am concerned, red lipstick goes with everything. Don’t question it, put it on and you’ll see! Find the right red for your skin tone and your lips will become a conversation starter, they’ll be stared at and intimidate people. Red lipstick = power. It’s a secret that not many have caught on to. Use it.


A take on traditional seamed hosiery and pattern mixing!  Don’t be scared!



Let me stress the importance of eyebrows!

Eyebrows frame your face. They should be shaped to suit your face and accentuate your eyes. My brows are naturally fine and the hair is sparse, so in my case an eyebrow pencil and brush is the only way!
I have my hair up, most of the time. I rock a suicide roll at the front, and then the back is softly swept up with bobby pins. Do something different with your hair, learn something new. People stare because they’re trying to work out how you did it, and you’ll find yourself giving quick tutorials in the strangest of places. I was recently stopped at airport security, thinking I was going to be swiped for drugs and explosives. Nope, the 2 ladies wanted to know if my hair was real and how I rolled my fringe!

 That’s me trying to work out how women achieve the perfect set!  Go on, try a new ‘do!

Everyone can put on clothes, but style is something you have to work at and it does take trial and error. Be honest with yourself, try different things and soak up as much information as you can, everywhere you go. Don’t be Audrey, Marilyn or Liz, we’ve had them already. Be the best version of yourself!



photo taken while working on a movie set as Wardrobe Manager.  A time when it was best to wear my favourite Fables by Barrie dungarees!  You never know what you’ll do on a movie set, this day I was dressing people to  look homeless.

 To further follow my fashion adventures look up facebook.com/misslilywhiteproductions or Miss Lily White on Instagram.


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