Classic Beauty Makeovers – MUAH by Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School

Ever been to Overnewton Castle in Keilor, Melbourne, Victoria?  Well, what a treat.  Brooke Orchard and I got to stay for two days in this lovely castle which was also the setting for our recent Vintage Styling Makeover and Photoshoot.

  • Overnewton castle was built in 1849 by William Taylor. The Scotsman bought 13,000 acres of rich grazing land just west of the Keilor township. Taylor built a simple single story bluestone colonial style homestead.

Here are a couple of shots of the day.  This day (Apparently) was the windiest day on record for Melbourne and poor Brooke had her work cut out for her to event be able to hold her camera let alone the reflector and offering tips and advice of shapes and positioning for each gal at the same time.  Meanwhile I was tucked away inside,  warm and free of the encumbrance of the notorious elements of weather of the day… Yes I was happy about that!!   Here’s  some insights to some of the girls on the day…

  1.  Debbie:  We LOVE that our No 1 Gal Debbie is not from our world, in fact, she is a simple, no fuss, no makeup casual kinda gal who works at the Castle as their Functions/Marketing Gal.. It was a treat and delight for her to be transformed.  Nervous and feeling a little awkward at all the attention, we all offered some gratitude to the winds which lightened the moment and gave Brooke some great action shots!

  2. Next was our GI Ginger, Miss Raechel!  I Love this lady so much for her passion, her moral compass and her compassion, not to mention her gift of giving of herself and her knowledge to others.  What started out as an empowering journey for herself to gain some girl confidence has ended up being all about how she can encourage other ladies to feel amazing in their own skin and style!    Miss GI Ginger is also a long term veteran soldier who has dedicated her life and that of her husband (also a soldier) and her family to serve Australia in whatever it takes.  Power to you lovely lady who rocked the vintage look likens other.  Humbled by your friendship and what you give to us all!  xx

  3. Next up was Mis Melanie ask: Miss Davina Foxx…  Wow.. this lady is our muse.  Happy to be a chameleon and turns up (4 times in a row) and says, do whatever you want with me!!  WE LOVE HER!!!.. The thing with Melanie is… She is a natural shining beauty inside and out and she never ceases to astound us with her talents.. this time was no different!  We did not know that on top of being a fabulous (and sexy) scientist, she has the MOST AMAZING VOICE EVER!!!  Yes… a Jazz Singer, sultry and accomplished!  Brooke and I delight in our meetings with this Miss Davina Foxx! , So Far we have covered off on the 1930’s, 1940’s & 1950’s (x2)… 1960’s go go gal next perhaps??

  4. Next up was a flaming red haired beauty!!  Relatively new to working with Brooke and I, I loved how this Raven Beauty just gave over to our whims and let us style and photograph her how we saw best!!  That’s trust… Her first shoot with us was all about the 1950’ws Tiki Vixen and is still one of my favourites styling ever, but the time I knew I wanted to take Rhiannon back to the 1930’s and thankfully for me she said OK!… My Gosh, she was breathtaking….  The outfit and the styling and the whole shoot came together better than I expected.  The unfavourable weather was not kind of hair and wardrobe BUT the consutaamte taken son Brooke Orchard and indeed our stunning model won the4 day!!Enjoy!!

    Gold Coast and Canberra Shoots up online this week.  2017 kicks off in February.  Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney and yes event Darwin on the cards!

    Interested?  Email me: [email protected]

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“I like Joy, I want to be joyous, I like to have fun! – Doris Day” – A Lindy Charm School Newsletter

This picture above is me doing makeup for one of our lovely cancer patients that come to our Charity “Beauties Feeling Fabulous”  – More on this below.. Hello Charming People who follow us..  Hope you are all well. In this newsletter: Workshops coming up Cooly Rocks On A Very Fabulous Affair, Supper Dance for Charity…


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  1. I absolutely love the vintage style of clothing I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s the era of the lovely flared dresses with petticoats etc. I would love to wear those clothes and dresses again but now I am in my 60’s and also plus size would this be to much of a challenge for me …Regards

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