Sturdy Grips in Retro Tins – Make Life Easy… Use the bobby Pins we do…


We have all been caught in the trap of cheap and nasty brands of grips and these invariably always lead to disappointment. They twist, they are flimsy and they don't generally hold your rolls do they?  With bad grips you tend to have to use 2 , 3 or more to hold one sweep/roll BUT with great sturdy grips/bobby pins of good quality your workload is halved and your frustration goes away..   One of the most asked questions at any workshop or event where we are styling hair is... What Bobby Pins/Grips do you use?  Do you sell them?   So now I have found the perfect retro tins to hold a decent amount of grips for you and they are now available here.  More than you will need and only $18 a tin...Perfect...

A Variety of Tins (designs chosen at random)

They come filled with either:

Black Bobby Pins;

Blonde Bobby Pins;

Silver Bobby Pins;

Bronze Bobby Pins; or

Pin Curl Clips

$15.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

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