The Creative Art of Vintage Turban Tying – A Virtual Workshop with Zoom

Hey Sistas, how are you all going?  I’m hanging in there and keeping busy.  Finding it harder to self motivate some days and starting to sleep in more!  But on the whole, feeling great and blessed to been getting the studio nearly finished, exercising, cooking and listing things for sale on instagram to keep things ticking over.  All in all I’m feeling very optimistic about the new future after all this is over, whatever that may be, I and feeling positive and I hope you are also.
I do feel for those that are really truly isolated though.  As you may know I run a Charity called Beauties Feeling Fabulous and run free pamper days for women living with cancer and every couple of months we all get together and my team pamper these ladies and they all catchup and support each other.  Because of COVID19 this obviously can’t happen and my heart breaks for these ladies that are so desperate for contact, support and just company but can’t and just speaking to one of the ladies a moment ago, it brought home to me the real loneliness, the real isolation and the real mental anguish of these elderly ladies not having anyone and not being able to risk getting out due to being immune compromised.  If you know of someone in that situation, offer them a curbside chat or a quick check on them.  You are probably doing that anyway and I believe all the ladies who are int he Charm School Family have hearts of gold and give it all to everyone..  It was probably more of a reminder to me to do more.. 
Anyway, I’m missing teaching doing workshops and although we teach dance every week (virtually) I miss doing Charm School Workshops so thought I’d offer up a Vintager Turban Tying Workshop for you all to join in and learn the creative art of fabulous turbans.  I’m running this through Zoom and not doing any FB lives (Too messy).  Details below.


Bad Hair Day? Or you just want the option to be super Old Hollywood Glamorous when it takes your fancy? Turbans are such a fun, creative and super stylish accessory to every outfit. This Zoom Tutorial I am offering will take you through the steps of multiple ways of tying turbans. What you will need:
A couple of options of fabrics i.e.: Some Jersey or similar stretch fabric or good old plain cotton or drill will do. You want a fabric that is easy to work with, not too slippery, not too light and not too thick you can twist and tuck.  Size: about 50 inches long by 18 inches wide is a good strip to work with but seriously grab any fabrics you may having lying around and we can work magic with tucking and tying.   If you have nothing at home that you can use I suggest a trip to the local fabric shop and look int he remnant bin for cheaper offcuts to practice with or dive right in and buy the colours and styles you like that will work with outfits you have at home.

Also have on hand a Brush, A Comb, and some Bobby Pins.

Also it would be good for you to have on hand some embellishments like flowers, brooches etc so we can decorate our creations to finish off the look.
To make the end result more glamorous, have your makeup done so once we tie off on your final choice ! Boom! You’ll be ready for your Close up!
DONATIONS:  Although offering my time up for free it would be nice if you feel like paying for the class or donating a little to say thanks. My Paypal is: [email protected] or you can EFT to my account, just text me for details: 0409727888
Next Tutorial will be on Do Rags and how to and how not to wear them..
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Also, don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to check out my Vintage Sale Page on Instagram: – @Miss_Chrissys_Vintage_Sale

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