The thing about life is that you must survive! .. Katherine Hepburn.. Welcome to 2022

I like joy; I want to be joyous; I want to have fun; I want to wear beautiful clothes and look pretty.  I want to smile and I want to make people laugh.  That’s all I want…  Doris Day

Merry New Year Charmers,  Hows your 2002 been so far?  a rather silly and un-engaging question really,  as I guess its been pretty much like everyone else….  A false start…  But, looking on the bright side, as I remember it from primary school, if there was a false start we were all called back to the blocks to start again.  Want to start again?  I do… On your Mark, Get Set… GO!!!

In this Newsletter:

  1. Dance & Burlesque workshops in the Studio (Gold Coast)
  2. Vintage Styling Workshops Camp Hill Antique Centre (Brisbane)
  3. Vintage Makeovers and Photoshoot – Valentines Day Special
  4. Style File – Betty White
  5. The Scent of a Woman
  6. The Essential Setting Lotion – Bonus Gift on Purchase…

Dance & Burlesque Workshops in the Studio (Gold Coast)

Open to all, leads/follows, him/her, she/him

2 x Burlesque Workshops in the Swing On In Studio in Labrador Gold Coast.  Address given out at time of booking.


WS1:  10am to 11.30 with Summer Dragonfly

Communal break to refresh, replenish and connect

WS2:12 NOON TO 1.30pm

$90 pp  for both – Limited places – Book Early – Email:  [email protected]

Bring (optional)  Bra , 2nd Shirt to slips off, gloves (heels optional), water, snack

About your Instructors:

Summer Dragonfly

1940’s classic/vintage inspired with a modern twist.

Summer Dragonfly is the Elusive Beauty! Summer is no stranger to the stage with intensive dance training and qualifications as a movement teacher under her garter belt.

Summers workshop will begin with Warm Ups, The ART Walking/Strutting/Posing/Holding/Owning and then finish with a mini routine.

Using inspiration from Burlesque stars and screen Goddesses of the Golden Era, Summer will explore everything from classic strut and strip to hair flicks and eye winks.

Learn to embrace the audience and yourself, be it from the stage or in front of the bathroom mirror.

Mara Maraschino 

1960’s Burlesque Glamour

Mara Maraschino will guide you through authentic vintage burlesque bump and grind moves, coquettish striptease and techniques to harness that all important stage presence and connection to your audience! You will be getting glam to the tune of the 1963 hit ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’! Bring gloves, a bra (to be worn over another garment or pasties, as you like) and shoes you can move in. Suitable for burlesque beginners or those wanting to up their kitsch glamour factor!

About Mara: Brisbane burlesque artist Mara Maraschino is often described as luxurious, captivating, salacious and aims to be as kitsch and camp as her namesake.

Summer Series , 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s & 1950’s Vintage Styling workshops – CAMP HILL ANTIQUES CENTRE – BRISBANE

Saturday 5 February 2022 – 12 Noon to 4pm – Camp Hill Antique Centre – Brisbane – 1920’s & 1930’s

The Details:

$120 pp cash on the day  – Limited to 10 places,
must book direct by emailing me: [email protected]
In these workshops we will show you how to achieve that primped, preened and ready for a Mr Cecil B DeMille Close-up in no time!
Vintage/Old Hollywood Hair & Makeup;
Using tools and also learning without tools.
This class will start with the fundamentals and we will transition through to a finished look together.  Stepping through how to achieve a 30’s beach look with scarves and curls to evening cocktails with fringe waves, braids and bobs.  From fresh Faced simple looks to smokey eyes and cupids bow lips.
Bring out your inner Clara Bow or Carol Lombard…
This class is open to all ages and if you are wanting to achieve some of these looks? Then this is the class for you…
  •  Your scarves, shawls, hats and accessories if you need some help styling them.
  •  Hairspray, Brushes, Combs and hot rollers or hot sticks (if you have),
  •  Hair Ties and Slide Combs, head bands etc.  whatever you have.
  •  Makeup
I will have stocks of setting lotion, grips, pin curl clips, wave clips and grooming cream etc on hand to buy on the day.
If you don’t have much, I will have all my kits for use.

Saturday 12 February 2022 – 12 Noon to 4pm – Camp Hill Antique Centre – Brisbane- 1940’s & 1950’s

Pin Up/Retro and Kustom Kulture Looks also covered.

I will also be running you through the art of Do Rags, Scarves and Turbans for days when you just don’t have it in you to do a fancy do!
If you have ever dreamed of having that classic, vintage look but never knew how? Do you long for a bit of 1940s glamour, 50’s cheesecake or retro style? Miss Chrissy and her Team can help you.
Yes we do Victory Rolls, Barrel Curls, Betty Bangs, Hollywood Rolls and Gibson Rolls too. We just start with Pin Curls!!
This class is open to all ages and if you are wanting to achieve some of these looks? Then this is the class for you…
  •  Your scarves, hats and accessories if you need some help styling them.
  •  Hairspray, Brushes, Combs and hot rollers or hot sticks (if you have),
  •  Hair Ties and Slide Combs, head bands etc.  whatever you have.
  •  Makeup
I will have stocks of setting lotion, grips, pin curl clips, wave clips and grooming cream etc on hand to buy on the day.
If you don’t have much, I will have all my kits for use.

Vintage Makeovers and Photoshoot – Valentines Day Special

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL – Vintage Makeover And Photoshoot With Miss Chrissy & Amanda From Peppermint Photography… Expressions Of Interest Email To:  [email protected]

Your Makeover and photoshoots includes:

  • All Hair and Makeup and assistance with styling/wardrobe and accessories/props
  • Photographic Space to shoot (Studio or outdoors)
  • Champagne & Nibbles
  • Assistance with posing/positioning
  • Up to 30 Edited (Watermark/Royalty Free) High Res photos for your use however you wish
  • Choice of:  Old Hollywood Vintage Glamour, Vintage Boudoir, Vintage/PinUp Kitsch

Style File – Betty White

Some amazing things you may not have known about this Golden Girls star, who would have turned 100 on January 17, passed sway  at her home on Friday, December 31 at 99.

  • Even though her first self-produced hit show was called “Life with Elizabeth” her birth name was just Betty.Her parents didn’t like any of the Elizabeth shortenings.
  • Betty holds a Guinness Book of Records Title for the Longest TV career for a Female Entertainer for her more than 70 years in showbusiness.
  • WWII put her rise to fame on hold as she joined the American Women’s Voluntary Service.
  • Betty LOVED a Parade and hosted the Marcy’s Thanksgiving Parade for 20 years alongside Lorne Greene, when she was replaced she sat at home watching on the TV and was so sad.
  • Betty was married 3 times but it was her last that was her true love. She met Allen Ludden on the game show Passwords and when she refused his first marriage of proposal he wore the engagement ring around his neck until she eventually said yes when he sent her a bunny rabbit with sapphire earrings inside and a note saying, Now, come on, will you marry me?” (She said she was a sucker for bunny rabbits).  They were together until death do they part and today their Hollywood Hall of Fame stars lay side by side.
  • Betty really wanted to be an Opera singer when she was 14 and trained hard but her voice wasn’t strong enough.
  • Working 6 days a week, 5.5 hours a day on LIVE TV for $300 per week, Betty once did 58 LIVE advertisements in one day. No Script.
  • Betty never took acting lessons, opting to be as natural to herself as possible on screen.
  • Betty once turned down an offer to be a “Today” show co-host, paving the way for Barbara Walters to get the gig.
  • Betty originally auditioned for the role of Blanche on The Golden Girls! How different would that show have been if the Director had not switched the roles last minute.
  • Betty was a lifelong animal advocate and preferred animals to humans and if she wasn’t going to be an actor she was going to be a Zoo Keeper. She even passed up a lead role in the hit movie “As Good As It Get’ with Jack Nicholson because of one animal cruelty scene where he throws the dog down a shoot.
  • At 88 years of age after a very successful facebook campaign, Betty was the oldest person to ever host SNL and it was one of the highest rating shows. Betty also won an Emmy for that.
  • Betty loved and survived on JUNK food. Vodka and Hotdogs were her thing but her co-stars dissed on her saying she eats heaps of red liquorice A LOT as well as fries and diet coke.  The recipe to a long life perhaps?

Before we sign off on Betty white I wanted to share this picture!  It PROVES to me, that the joy inside you keeps you beautiful on the outside as well.  Look at this joy.  The dimples, the smile, the sparkle in her eyes and the beauty doesn’t fade which age.

VALE Betty White and thanks for the Laughs you legend, you trial blazers and awesome mentor and contributor to the world of entertainment with your joy, humour and talent

From The The Art Of Seduction – The Scent Of A Woman:

The power of perfume cannot be overestimated. Marilyn Monroe famously slept wearing nothing other than Chanel Number Five.

Despite the million dollars spent by the perfume industry to convince us otherwise the most effective aroma that a woman can have is her own.  Although totally dreary and far from romantic, Pheremones (your natural smell)  are nature’s love drug and if you smell particularly appealing to a man, it suggests that you’ll be a good mother for his children.

Perfume has been instrumental through history from Cleopatra who saturated her body and clothes in incense fumes to help enslave men.  To more practical uses like scented handkerchiefs and pots around the house to make things smell better during the plague or when raw sewage ran through the streets of London.

Ensuring that you smell good is paramount for your confidence, however, a true seductress makes sure her surroundings smell as sweet as she does.  Try these tricks to boost your boudoir’s passion potential:

.  Sprinkle few drops perfume or oil on a light bulb or radiators

.  Use scented spray on the ironing

.  Use incense or oil burners

.  Scented roses or flowers around the house

.  Perfume on written letters or invitations.

.  Scented satin sheets

.  Spray scent ‘Wherever one wants to be kissed’ – Coco Chanel

Wear your best lingerie, whether it be lace, silk or satin, bras, corsets, stockings & garters but make sure it conceals as much as it reveals.  Men like to be teased rather than see everything on display

True seduction is about overwhelming his senses with desire for you –  It’s a dirty trick, but all’s fair in love and war.

Source:  “Things a woman should know about seduction” by Emily Dubberley

A really unique gift for say at a hens gathering is to engage someone like Fleurage (An exquisite perfumery on the Gold Coast) to create The Brides own personal scent by you all choosing the ingredients .   This is a custom steeped in tradition as a tribute to the Bride from her sisters as they wish her well on her new life journey. Each woman offers their insight into who the bride is and the perfumer designs a perfume that represents all of her qualities. This perfume is then created by each contributor as part of the ‘Hens’ celebration.

If this ideas has got you thinking then email me for further details or contact Emma Leah direct..

The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion Bonus Offer:

For the next month – Until 15 February 2022 – Buy 1 Setting Lotion (any size) and receive a FREE Perfect Pincurls whilst Beauty Sleeps.  Order HERE

Here’s how you can use your setting lotion…

The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion 250ml   SShhhh-   It’s our secret weapon!  If you only ever buy one thing – then let it be this, our workshop debutantes swear by it.  With real holding power it keeps a girl’s curls twirling, her upsweeps uplifted & her “Do” simply dazzling all day!  Use on wet hair for the perfect long lasting Wet Set or even on dry hair with hot rollers, hot stick or even a GHD.  Also perfect for smoothing frizzyness caused by humidity or rain.  Just spray and fold through your hands to tame those locks.

Uses for the Essential Setting Lotion

  1. Wet Set – After washing your hair and whilst your hair is still damp, you can either create pin curls or pillow rolls or even use your foam rollers. Take each section, spray with setting lotion then roll.  Remember the mantra.  Comb, Spray, Comb & Roll
  2. Dry Set – Can be used with any hot tools such as hot rollers, GHD’s, curling tongs etc. Take each section, spray with setting lotion then roll.  Remember the mantra.  Comb, Spray, Comb & Roll
  3. Taming of the Shrew… Often our setting lotion is used to tame frizzy hair.  Brush hair first, then spray the lotion on to your hair then take sections of your hair and run your hands through them, clumping together and smoothing out.  Just play with it.
  4. Stop the Slip and Slide….I use our Essential Setting Lotion every time I touch a client hair as it create a bit of tack/a bit of grip so as when I am trying to style and roll the hair, it doesn’t slip through and out of my fingers/hands as sometimes happens especially when you have that perfect Victory Roll and just about to pin and it slips and unravels! Arrggghh!!!
  5. I give you these two promises:    Your hair will take and hold curl and they will be nice and bouncy (not stiff and crispy) and 2.  If you do a proper brush out with a decent natural fibre brush, your hair will be super shiny and look amazing.

Get your Pin Curls Clips HERE to compliment..

Not sure about any of the above?  Then you should attend one of our workshops on Vintage Styling and through the process/the day, the above are some of the tricks you pick up and learn.  Visit our website under workshops tab HERE …. OR, maybe you would like to hold your own workshop or party?  Enquire today…

Til next time,

Stay Fabulous and remember.. YOU are worth it!

Miss Chrissy xx

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1930’s – 1950’s Vintage Styling Workshops coming up

GOLD COAST – Saturday 17 February 2024 – 10am – Gold Coast Salon (Address given out at time of booking) Step into the glamour of the past at the Vintage Styling Workshop! Join us on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, from 10 am to 1 pm, at My Gold Coast Studio, where you’ll discover the secrets…


“I like Joy, I want to be joyous, I like to have fun! – Doris Day” – A Lindy Charm School Newsletter

This picture above is me doing makeup for one of our lovely cancer patients that come to our Charity “Beauties Feeling Fabulous”  – More on this below.. Hello Charming People who follow us..  Hope you are all well. In this newsletter: Workshops coming up Cooly Rocks On A Very Fabulous Affair, Supper Dance for Charity…


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