An Interview I did recently you might like – Top 5 Fashion Tips from me…

1. What is One fashion rule you never break? 
I try never to look at or buy anything mass produced i.e.: I loathe walking into an event and there are 3 other versions of the outfit I am wearing or worse still.. the same version.  Trying where possible to source unique fabrics, outfits, styles so as to reflect my personal style.  As a collector of vintage my first go to is always the original garment/outfit/fabric etc and how I can make that work for me at the same time be fairly sure that I won’t be twinning anyone in the room.  

2. What interests you in Fashion? 
It’s ALL about the foundation,  so my interests are in the shapes in which different eras take on fashion and how some can fit to flatter with a bias cut and then others can create  a whole new shape on you such as structured shoulders/pads, nipped in waist and A line fall of the frock.  Fashion is genius and designers are artists and for me, I might have a creative eye in throwing things together that work for bodies and personalities but I am always in total awe of the creative genius behind some of histories greatest fashion creations.

3. What styling advice would you give to your younger self?? 
Follow your inner calling and stop trying to keep up with a fashion craze that A) will never suit you and B) you can’t afford to sustain..  Most of us transition through our own fashion journey and at one point or another we are sucked into a particular look that might be on trend but is never going to suit our body shape and personality but , it’s cool, its current and all your gals are wearing it…..its a must have in our not so confident minds at the time so we throw our hard earned part time wages away on trying to look like this or that and eventually we grow strong , confident and fall into our own style and therefore feeling like you now fit the skin your in…  Sometimes this is an organic journey and other times you need a mentor, a stylist, an influencer to help guide you..

4. How would you describe a perfect Fashion look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this? 
Being a Vintage Lovin Gal who adores the fashion looks of the 1930’s & 1940’s I have my “go to” Icons such as Betty Grable, Katherine Hepburn, Lana Turner, Carol Lombard etc..because of their style, be it the masculine/feminine tailored look of Katherine Hepburn or the cutesy Pin Up Beach Babe of Betty Grable or the sultry old hollywood glamours of Carol and Lana.. I’m in!     Also being a Swing Dancer who is quite short with lovely dancers thighs I tend to go for the High Waisted wide legged Palazzo Pants to give me length and flow with a drop dead drape of blouse or something that stands out (Must have shoulder pads though as I have gentle sloping shoulders) …  I am also BIG on Hats, Turbans and statement jewellery to finish off the look with the perfect pumps of course and finally, that winning smile which signs off on a “Stop Staring”  outfit..

5. One tip you would like to give to our readers? 
*  Don’t be afraid to ask for help with finding your signature style;
*  Trial and error is totally OK as well, in fact it can be fun at times to get it hideously wrong, 
*  Think of the sustainability of the fashion your are seeking, whats it earthly footprint, will it last, can you mix and match it and will it be in your wardrobe in 20 years time?
*  Enjoy the journey, Love yourself and Dare to be Different..  It’s OK to be bold as long as you are gracious about it..
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Gold Coast Bulletin
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