Napier Art Deco Festival – It will provoke a Great Gatsby swagger in the least romantic soul’.

Nothing will prepare you for what Lonely Planet describes as the ‘charismatic’ New Zealand city that  ‘can provoke a Great Gatsby swagger in the least romantic soul’.

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  1. What Is Art Deco – Napier
  2. 1920’s/30’s Vintage Styling Workshop – Brisbane
  3. Art Deco Photoshoot – Brisbane
  4. 10 Style Rules your Grandma was right about!

Above Picture is My Husband Ray Keepence, Myself, Vanessa Mangan from the Vintage Emporium Melbourne and Tessa Rickard also from the Vintage Emporium Melbourne! Sitting on the original Art Deco Fountain in the heart of Napier.

What is Art Deco?

It became widely known following the great Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925 and from which its name was ultimately derived.
By the late 1930’s it was in its streamlined phase and after World War II, the International Style, devoid of all decoration, held sway. Not until the late 1960’s did people begin to rediscover it and take it seriously.

Art Deco expressed all the vigor and optimism of the roaring twenties, and the idealism and escapism of the grim thirties.

Its decorative themes are:

  • Sunbursts and fountains – representing the dawn of a new modern age.
  • The Skyscraper shape – symbolic of the 20th century.
  • Symbols of speed, power and flight – the exciting new developments in transport and communications.
  • Geometric shapes – representing the machine and technology which it was thought would solve all our problems.
  • The new woman – reveling in her recently won social freedoms.
  • Breaking the rules – cacophonous jazz, short skirts and hair, shocking dances.
  • Ancient cultures – for oddly enough, there was a fascination with the civilizations of Egypt and Central America.

All of these themes are represented on the buildings of Napier, most of which are still standing today and are lovingly cared for by their owners.

Nearby Hastings was also stricken by the earthquake and has many buildings in the same Art Deco style.

Ray and I are heading back to Napier Art deco Festival in 2 weeks time and can’t wait. The outfits, the dancing, the buildings, the whole vibe is amazing. Highly recommend! Check it out here:

1920’s/30’s Vintage Styling workshop – Brisbane

PC: Kara Firemark Photomedia:
Model: Sim Lovett

Learn the art of achieving 1920’s & 1930’s Hair and Makeup Vintage Looks with Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School


TIME: 11.30am – 3.00pm

This class will start with the fundamentals of Art Deco Styling and we will transition through to a finished look together.  Stepping through how to achieve a 30’s beach look with scarves and curls to evening cocktails with fringe waves, braids and bobs ready for your flapper night out.  From fresh faced simple looks to smokey eyes and cupids bow lips.

Bring out your inner Clara Bow or Carol Lombard…

This class is open to all ages and if you are wanting to achieve some of these looks? Then this is the class for you…


 Your scarves, shawls, hats and accessories if you need some help styling them.

 Hairspray, Brushes, Combs and hot rollers or hot sticks (if you have), 

 Hair Ties and Slide Combs, head bands etc.  whatever you have.

 + Makeup

I will have stocks of setting lotion, grips, pin curl clips, wave clips and grooming cream, flowers etc on hand to buy on the day.

If you don’t have much by way of makeup.. don’t worry,  I will have all my kits for your use.

$120 pp  – Limited to 10 places, 

must book direct by emailing me: [email protected]

Mobile:  0409727888


Art Deco Location Photoshoot in Brisbane City Arcade – A beautiful Art Deco Original building built in 1928

A Collaboration between Lindy Charm School, Belle Folie Designs and Peppermint Photography

Full Makeover (MUAH) & Photoshoot 

Options to utilise the fantastic Millinery of Belle Follie Designs & Props

Only 4 places available

This will take place on a Sunday12th March 2023

Up to 30 edited supplied to you free of watermark or copyright for your free use

We will have the venue to ourselves as Sunday is closed to public so its a wonderful opportunity to grab those unique, special and divine shots within this magical place.

Expressions of Interest to Chrissy:  [email protected]


Grandma, Nanna, Mema, Queenie or Ohma… whatever you called you’re grand or great grand foremothers, you can be sure that they all had their own style!  Here are 10 Style Rules Your Grandma Was Right About!

These are the same 10 style rules that The Lindy Charm School promote, agree with and live by… 

  1. Dress to impress on every occasion. These days, dress code is something people take very lightly or blatantly ignore.  What does casual, cocktail, formal or black tie mean on today’s invitations anyway? Every event I go to these days, almost everyone seems to be wearing the same “dressed down/casual” attire (except of course if it is a specifically “Vintage Event” then most guests make the effort and really go all out), but grandma’s day and age, dressing up was taken very seriously.   They would dress for Church, the theatre, dinner or just to go grocery shopping.  Today’s dress is more about comfort than it is glamour.  Lorna Jane attire seems to be the comfort clothes around my neighbourhood and thats OK.. lots of fit people exercising a lot and the active wear is certainly comfy but it is also a slippery slope!  (Just ask Covid!)..
  • Fashion happens four times a year, style is inherent. Fashion today is largely driven by trends, it’s a mass manufactured world and a throwaway society when it comes to fashion but grandma’s era was more about timeless style.  They were clever; clothes were constructed well using robust fabrics to last.  It was also a make do an mend mentality that was a necessity of the times that pushed them to be creative with what they had and out of this time came the most timeless and stylish of fashions, I believe anyway.
  • Red lipstick will brighten any outfit. It’s amazing how a slick of red lipstick can instantly lift your whole look. Our grandmas never left the house without their lippy on. It’s an elemental, visceral colour – a reminder of what’s inside us,  It is also symbolic of female strength.  Did you know: In the early 1900s, women’s suffragette leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman wore bright red lipstick to protest for the right to vote, and declared “lip rouge” an emblem of women’s emancipation!  
  • Wear the right underwear :. Underwear is probably the last thing you think about when getting dressed right? But, it should be the first thing you think of… Foundation Garments are essential for creating shape.  Modern day commercialised shapewear sold in chain stores today (most of it anyway) don’t necessarily do much to bring it all in so I refer to as “smoothing out wear”  it is not strong enough to create shape rather it smoothes out the bumps, lumps and dimples and also is useful for giving the no panty line effect but it doesn’t really cinch the waist or slim the hips an lift the butt to create that hourglass figure etc.  A lot of today’s reproduction vintage and off the rack clothing is made from very unforgiving fabrics so your foundation garments and appropriate underpinnings are even more important than ever to create a nice smooth line and shape.  Have you tried our Waist Cinches?
  • Look in the mirror and take one accessory off before you leave the house.:  Coco Chanel famously said:  In my life I have adopted certain style rules from a young age…I always take off at least one piece of jewellery before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not “overdoing” it and our grandma’s makes a good point when she says to keep accessories to a minimum. Overload on earrings, bracelets and a necklace and you’ll end up looking more like a Christmas tree. Instead, choose key pieces, such as a cocktail ring or a string of pearls, to dress up your outfit.  It’s enough to have your hat, gloves, bag and shoes to match your outfit so when adding a classic hairdo and simple yet striking makeup you want to be mindful of the final layer of accessories so as not to tip you over into the “Oh My” for the wrong reasons category!
  • The tailor/dressmaker or lovely older lady up the road is your best friend when it come to couture to your body. Do you know the meaning of “Couture”?  Well although the true meaning relates to fashion designers and designing, it generally means to have your outfit made and tailored to fit YOUR body, ie:  it was made for YOU and therefore nipped and tucked in the right places…  How often have you bought something straight off the rack and thought, “this would be great, if only it was a cm shorter/longer/nipped in here and there etc and then never bothered to do it? The tiniest amount of tailoring can make a huge difference – just ask your grandma, who would have had most of her wardrobe specially fitted to her shape, mostly because she made it herself or if she was of means would have it made for her.  I might buy something for $20 off the rack but always allow another $20 to have it nipped and tucked to fit me.  A $20 outfit can look $20 if ill-fitting and sloppy or it can look $120 if form fitted to accentuate your best assets!  .
  • Details matter. Nails, hair, teeth, loose threads, missing buttons, scuffed shoes etc and the list goes on. Grooming, polish, final touches, the little things, the detail etc makes all the difference…Make the effort and you will be surprised the difference it makes and how many notice!
  • Hats aren’t just for the races. While you might feel ridiculous wearing a hat anywhere but the racetrack these days,  it was once a staple in your grandma’s wardrobe. Take her cue and try it out for yourself: you’ll be amazed at how it can instantly dress up any outfit. It’s also great to cover up an unsuccessful “DO”.  Perfect for winter but then again, I wear them all year round.  Bring back the hat I say!
  • Silhouette is key. – I affectionately refer to our foremothers and trends of the last 50 years as “Shape Shifters”  The female shape was celebrated in your grandmas era: the hourglass was the silhouette du’jour. Translate this trend to today by looking closely at the shapes of the era in which you are trying to achieve ie:  1930’s you will be looking for cut on the bias soft billowing shapes whereas the 1940’s you will be looking for nipped in waists, broad shoulders (They were, after all, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders during this time!) and A line knee length (or above) dresses or skirts, the 1950’s you will be celebrating the curves, nipped in waists, cone or bullet bra shapes for breasts and ample fabric in full circle frocks or even your pedal pushers or wiggle skirts – (It was all about the hourglass), the 1960’s you may be looking for some shift mini dresses with Go Go boots and big hats!   Whatever the era, “Silhouette is key.”
  • Your hair is as important as your outfit:  Back in the day, you hair was considered the crowning touch to an outfit.  Whether you just brush it to create the beautiful shine or go all our and create a stylish “Do” to suit the era. Want to learn how? You can come to one of our workshops to learn or you can book some one on one time with me in my studio.  Give me s call:  0409727888 or email:  [email protected]  We have a workshop coming up in Brisbane on 11 February – Details here:

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1930’s – 1950’s Vintage Styling Workshops coming up

GOLD COAST – Saturday 17 February 2024 – 10am – Gold Coast Salon (Address given out at time of booking) Step into the glamour of the past at the Vintage Styling Workshop! Join us on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, from 10 am to 1 pm, at My Gold Coast Studio, where you’ll discover the secrets…


Thanks Sydney and Hello Melbourne! Vintage Styling on the road!

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe Recap of Sydney Weekend: I’ve just returned from an incredibly successful and epic weekend in Sydney at the fantastic new dance venue, The Wriggle Room. Trudi, Mr. Deano, and Squish are the amazing folks behind this…


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