Meet our Suavecito Poster Boy for August – The Stylish Mr Alexander Sexton

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Name: Alexander Sexton            

Age: 27

Starsign: Virgo

Hobbies: Gardening, renovating, dance, tennis

Likes: Change, Creating  spaces, hearing other people’s opinions on things and problem solving

Dislikes: Chaos, bigotry.

What’s your favourite all time inspirational quote? A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds

What, for you, epitomises the very essence of a Suave Gent? Someone who is worldly and engaging

What is your idea of a heavenly day? Working hard in the garden under the warm sun (not too hot!) 

What is your idea of Hell on Earth? Not having any money or structure to my world 

What do you consider to be the absolute key essential to being Suave? Good Hair 

Living, or deceased – who is your perfectly groomed role model? I can’t really say that I model myself after anyone. I’m not observant enough!

What 3 items of clothing would you rescue if your wardrobe  was on fire? My leather jacket, My Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Coat and my father’s Brown 70’s suit ( & Flares!)

What 3 lessons would you/will you teach your son/nephew/boy child if you could? Please and Thank you; The importance of chasing his own dream, and how to manage his finances.

Excuse me Mam/Miss? Or Hey Lady? Pardon me Miss.

Do you feel comfortable opening doors, offering right or way and pulling out a chair etc for ladies or has that time past?     I took the bins off a lady friend of mine the other day and she said, Alex, you’re such a gentleman! I’ll even carry bags for ladies without being asked. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

Are you wary when offering an innocent compliment to a lady if you do know know them? And why?   Never wary, it’s not hard to compliment someone politely when you are sincere.

To dance or Not to dance?   I love to dance, but I’m shy about asking girls to dance… fortunately I always get asked 🙂

Do you think a grooming/suave subject should be reintroduced/included in today’s school curriculum?     I once taught personal hygiene/grooming to a young gay youth group in the states when I was travelling as a favour to a friend, the kids had heaps of fun with it. As long as it could be interactive and inclusive of all involved, it would be a useful skill to be taught, especially considering being popular and looking good in your teens is so important to a young person’s self esteem.

Do you own or have you ever worn flip flops/thongs?    I live near the beach, and I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth… of course I did  🙂 They are a sensible choice in our climate.


Which one of your vices, if any, do you think can lend and air of louche sophistication?    I’ve included a photo of me back when I smoked… there are laws against promoting this type of image anymore lol but I think it’s a shining example of louche sophistication. Chewing my nails is certainly not one.


Do you think chivalry is dead?   I don’t, it’s just rare, which makes it so sweet when you see it.

Are manners still as important today?   They most certainly are! it’s something I try to instil in my young nephew (and will do with my kids)

What do you define as essential/basic etiquette for men?   Letting a woman walk through the door first.

Who are the fashion influences that helped define your look?   It’s usually other people who define my style.  I’m open to advice on the matter and listen to my critic’s haha.

Hat Doffing? Are you a fan? Do you practice?    I think it’s really cute. I don’t wear hats, and couldn’t imagine doing it, even if I did. Mind you, I did a promo day for a play I was in where I doffed my top hat a couple of times… but it was whilst I was in character… if that counts?

Who would win the girl, The charmer with Wit or the Power with Money?    Win’s the girl’s heart – The Charmer with Wit. The excitement of a man with Power and money wears off.

What is your classic favourite car?, what would you drive if you could?   It’d be a MB 230SL Roadster. My boss had one, it was so much fun to drive in to town with the top off.

Alex uses Suavecito – Do You? – Have a read about this fabulous product here:


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