“You Made Me Feel So Beautiful” – Canberra Workshop

Thank you ever so much! I had so much fun at the Canberra Vintage Hair and Make-up workshop. It gave me some wonderful tips that I shall never forget.
You made me feel so beautiful, thank you all. You were all so amazingly pretty!

– Zoe Renea, ACT

Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

What a hilarious pair you both make, quite reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell’s dynamic. I would say Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (straight man V funny man) but that wouldn’t be fitting for two swell dames such as yourselves.

I learnt so much from your class and have been TRYING to implement a little bit everyday… I loved the up close and personal nature of the workshop and the fact that you both had oodles of patience with all of us and our endless questions and tragic attempts to style our hair.

I went home feeling like a bombshell, thanks to the fantastic hairstyle and make up. My only gripe though is that the class just wasn’t long enough, I could have listened to both of you all day….

Thank you so very much Mistresses and I sincerely look forward to your next workshop. Nicole – Melb”

– Nicole, Melbourne

Our Awesome Foremothers Very Inspiring

Dear Miss Chrissy,
It was great to see you and Miss Sammy back in Canberra over the weekend I’d like to thank you for a very enjoyable workshop, and for your great advice about how to achieve a beautiful vintage look.

I met some lovely ladies and I found your insights into the life of our awesome foremothers very inspiring. I’ll have a renewed sense of pride when stepping out in vintage and I’ll be sure to recommend your Vintage Styling Workshops to other ladies who also love the golden age of glamour.

 -Kay, ACT

“Most Amazing Workshop Ever!” – Brisbane Workshop

Most amazing workshop ever! Chrissy and her beautiful two ladies were so passionate about a lady feeling great, looking great and being great (in red lipstick!) that we all left feeling amazing and empowered. Thank-you for this amazing opportunity Vintage fair and The Lindy Charm School (PS sorry about the group shot, the lighting wasnt the best) xox lady Soph

Lady Soph, QLD

“I met other ladies I had a laugh with” – Brisbane Workshop

Dear Miss Chrissy, I just want to say what a fantastic time I had at your workshop. I attended the Brisbane workshop at the convention centre. I was a little nervous attending by myself and in my 40’s I thought I may by a bit of an odd fit. This was all forgotten as soon as I entered the room, and I met other ladies I had a laugh with, I learnt so much, and will be practicing my rolls, so I can do the intermediate workshop soon. Thank you all .

Marnie, QLD

“How lovely it was to be in an environment where women were so charming”

Hi Chrissy,
I was at the Melbourne hair and makeup workshop earlier this month – it was a wonderful session!
Top tips of the day for me were:
1. Mascara/liner on top lashes only.
2. Your gorgeous pink blush (I have received lots of compliments on the colour, so thank you kindly!)
3. Using bi-carb soda as dry shampoo.
4. Pincurls – I’m slowly getting better with the dolly peg (I love the setting lotion too).
5. Do-rags! Amazing what a difference it makes to an outfit. I’ve started collecting…uh oh!


PS – I also wanted to say how lovely it was to be in an environment where women were so charming, knowledgeable and kind. Also, sometimes it’s easy to forget that a small compliment can make another woman’s day – since your workshop I’ve been a lot more conscious of letting people know when they look fabulous 🙂 Especially when they’re wearing red lipstick!

Melissa, VIC

Centre of Attention! – Lolly, SA

So after my first workshop with Lindy Charm School yesterday, I went to work as a functions coordinator, and it was not the birthday boy who was the centre of attention but me! With my Hot Couture outfit, and hair and make up by the Charm School I received around 20 compliments in one night (by men and women). I feel inspired and proud to be a pinup today and I hope my passion can be as infectious as Chrissy and Sammie xxx

So Much About Doing Eyes!

It was a great day! So much about doing eyes. Going A bit more bold and different ways of doing my hair, which is what I have been looking for.

“I Can’t Wait To Be A ‘Lady’ At Home”

The best part of the day was learning the curls. I’ve attempted to do a lot of YouTube tutorials to no avail, but I’ve definitely managed to crack that today so that was definitely the best part…the whole idea of charm and etiquite, the foundation garments was just wonderful. I can’t wait to be a lady at home.

“I never had the confidence to do hairstyles….but now, I can’t stop!”

Dear Miss Chrissy, since doing your wonderful workshop in Adelaide, I have found I am unable to leave the house without properly styled hair, lipstick and neat and tidy clothes. I never had the confidence to do hairstyles on myself before this, but now, I can’t stop! It was a fantastic day. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for being so patient with us all. Yours sincerely, Jane Ainslie

Jane, SA

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